What base to choose under felling

What base to choose under felling

There is type of the base which more than others is suitable for felling. This basis can be built as by means of the special construction equipment, and by own efforts.

1. The feature of felling is that it is made of wood. Therefore it needs such basis which could exclude contact of wreaths with moisture. Waterproofing materials which carry out this task become outdated over time and demand replacement.

2. If to stop the choice on monolithic continuous footing, in 5-6 years the roofing material laid on concrete tape will lose the majority of the water-repellent properties. The volume of work on its replacement will be too big and expensive. Therefore for felling it is recommended to choose such base which would provide the small area of direct contact with the lower overlapping and lifted the house over soil. Those are pile foundations.

3. Today the most reliable and pre-fabricated of them – the base on screw piles. These support screw in in soil until they do not rise in it most strongly. Piles release diameter 47-108 mm. Products with a section from 89 mm will be suitable for felling. Length of support needs to be chosen so that there was some stock. For example, if frost depth of the soil is 1.5 m, this that minimum on which the pile has to enter soil. Therefore its optimum length – 2-2.5 m. After installation remove head and by means of the Bulgarian cut support trunk up to the required height over soil.

4. Screw piles have protecting corrosion-resistant coating. It is necessary to know that in the course of screwing in it is to a degree erased. It can lead to development of rust and, respectively, decrease in bearing capacity of pile. Therefore before mounting of the base it is recommended to process in addition support trunk anticorrosive structure. For this purpose it is possible to use mastics on bituminous basis or primer on metal.

5. Upon purchase of piles it is possible to order such service as strengthening of their protection. It is provided on paid basis. The producer carries out it in several ways: cold galvanizing, covering mastics, protection by the plastic thermoseating film.

6. On the base for felling 16-20 screw piles will be required on average. These products establish by means of yamobur or hydroborer on the basis of the excavator. But there is technology of independent construction of this type of the base that allows to save on this stage of construction significantly. Having decided on installation of support by own efforts, it is necessary to know that the most important in it – most precisely to define location of each pile. Process of screwing is carried out by means of the increased levers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team