What is the floating base

What is the floating base

The floating base represents continuous reinforced concrete the plate located under all building. She supports building borders on 20-40 cm. Thus, the house stands on the complete platform directly on earth surface.

Features of the floating base

The floating base – ideal option for construction on puchinisty, mobile soil. It is applied to all views of buildings: residential buildings, farm buildings, designs of special function, etc. The advantage of such base is that at soil motions it will as if float on surface. At the same time the structure of the building remains complete and protected from destructions. At the correct mounting such base is reliable foundation of the house, is not exposed to deformation forces. The high mobility characterizes the sandy and clay soil masses, the area, with the high level of soil moisture. In zone of severe climate the mobility of soil is considerable because of seasonal temperature drops. The continuous or pile footing is not always capable to sustain these loadings, floating – walks together with soil, protecting the building from distortions.

After installation of the floating base it has to be stood and gain durability before on it the building is built. Ideal term – year, minimum – month. Otherwise the building can warp and even to collapse.

Height of such base can be from 20 to 40 cm depending on the size and the weight of future building. It is quite enough to provide to the building the reliable basis.

At construction of the floating base it is important to observe all established standards. It is necessary to pour out two-layer pillow under the basis from crushed stone sand. To establish stiffening fins and reliable prefabricated reinforcement cage. To use brand concrete not below M200. To provide reliable waterproofing, and if necessary and plate thermal insulation.

Pluses and minuses of the floating base

The main advantage of the tiled base is that it allows to build strong buildings on floating, puchinisty soil. Correctly built design of the basis of construction is capable to sustain even very heavy constructions.

On the floating base the Ostankino Television Tower is constructed. Its height is 540 meters, and height of the base is only one meter. It is quite enough to sustain such massive, heavy construction.

Such base differs in durability, durability, reliability, it does not shrink. Its power does not depend on soil frost depth, it pays off only in building parameters. The bearing plate can perform function of half of the first floor. For this purpose it is only required to fill in the leveling tie, if necessary to organize warming of floor. As the main lack of the floating base note its high cost and labor input of mounting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team