What cullets are

What cullets are

Cullets – the decorative coat for walls and ceilings made of vitreous fibers and impregnated with the special water-repellent structure giving them iznoso- and water resistance.

As receive cullets

Fiber for wall-paper is produced from special glass, by its processing at high temperature. Threads of various look and thickness turn out, make the cloth having structure of weaver's interlacing of them.

Cullets are strong, strong, monophonic material under painting. Thanks to water-repellent protector wall-paper can be washed with cleaning agents and even to rub brush. The eco-friendly and fireproof cloth does not burn, at impact of fire on it does not emit toxic substances.

Types of wall-paper

Release cullets in the form of rolls 1 wide and of 50 met. In texture they are divided into smooth (fiberglass) and relief. Fiberglass, or spider line, have the reinforcing properties that allows to use them for seal of microcracks, alignment of surface under painting. Relief wall-paper applies to final surface finishing. They are quite dense and strong, it is difficult to tear or scratch them. Completely there corresponds to such characteristic wall-paper of the first grade possessing with a density over 100 g on square meter. Producers guarantee that the cloth, with a density of 200 g/m², will serve not less than 30 years. They can be recoloured repeatedly. Cullets of economy class have low density, it is lower than 100 g/m², not expressed structure of the drawing, at repeated repainting it will be actually imperceptible. Wall-paper of the second grade – not standard, in cloth can appear holes, stick out threads, there is greased drawing. The impressive design can be various, the most widespread drawings: small and large gunny, fir-tree, rhombus. But meet also non-standard design manufacture: vegetable ornament, logo, any symbolics. Modern technologies allow to receive difficult interlacings, for example, jacquard. Depending on the invoice it is possible to create classical interior or to give to the room unique look.

Where apply cullets

The range of application of cullets is not limited, they can be glued in any rooms, but to thicket use in kitchens, corridors. They well keep on various surface: tree, concrete, gypsum cardboard, the main thing that it was clean and equal. Glue is used for heavy wall-paper, it is applied on wall. Glue cloths end-to-end, for combination of the drawing do allowances on top. When gluing pay attention that material has the front and back parties. Usually the reverse is marked by thread of other color. After drying of glue they are painted aqueous emulsion ink, for the best quality paint is applied in two layers.

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