What documents are necessary for installation of gas boiler

What documents are necessary for installation of gas boiler

Gas heating has number of advantages in comparison with the equipment working at other types of fuel. Before installation of gas boiler in the apartment or country house it is necessary to address to gas service and to prepare the allowing package of documents.


1. For installation of gas boiler in the apartment or owner-occupied dwelling at first it is necessary to receive specifications for connection to gas supply. It is necessary to address to gas service and to write the application, having specified the expected volume of consumption of gas. As a rule, preparation of the document with specifications takes from one to two weeks. If the application is granted, to you will hand out specifications for mounting of the gas equipment.

2. After that it will be possible to start development of the project of installation. It includes schemes of mounting of gas boiler and laying of the gas pipeline from drawn-off point in your apartment before city gas communications. If connection is supposed in the private sector, then the scheme of carrying out gas communications on the site and also designation of entry point in residential unit is in addition attached. Design engineers who have the license for design of gas communications have to prepare the project.

3. The project needs to be sent for coordination in Gorgaz or any other competent service which officially is engaged in service of your site. Time which will be required for coordination depends on complexity of the project. As a rule, on it leaves from one week to three months.

4. Besides the project it is necessary to provide the registration certificate of boiler, the instruction of its operation, the sanitary and hygienic certificate and the certificate of conformity to specifications and also examination conclusions about compliance of the chosen boiler to necessary requirements. This list of documents provides manufacturer of the acquired equipment.

5. If the project is approved, it certify by the seal. From this point it is possible to begin to carry out installation works. Can happen so that your project will not undergo testing, then besides official refusal with the indication of the reasons will have to issue you the list of changes for adjustment.

6. At the final stage of installation of equipment to you the engineer of the gas organization for check of connection and compliance to its all requirements and norms will have to come. If all rules are respected, it issues the conclusion which is the basis for opening of the gas valve conducting to boiler.

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