What grade of cucumbers best of all will be suitable for balcony: overview

What grade of cucumbers best of all will be suitable for balcony: overview

Cultivation of cucumbers on the balcony, loggia or kitchen window has the features. To have opportunity to receive harvest, the gardener has to understand features of agrotechnology of cucumbers and choose for crops intended for this grade.

How to grow up cucumbers on the balcony

On the balcony elderly people, it is difficult to them to visit seasonal dachas often are fond of cultivation of cucumbers, but at the same time they have rather free time, carefully look after plants therefore they can brag of considerable achievements and good harvests of zelents. Important role in achievement of this purpose is played by right choice of grade. Selectors have removed many grades and the hybrids of cucumber intended for cultivation in the limited space inaccessible for bees.

Popular hybrids of cucumbers

Classical grades of the partenokarpichesky (self-pollinated) hybrids which with guarantee will yield harvest on loggia, balcony and even at kitchen window: "April", Zozul. It is possible to refer their low resistance to diseases and rather short term of fructification and also unfitness for conservation to shortcomings of these hybrids – these plants are good for the fresh use. To drag out receiving harvest in time, it is possible to plant cucumbers at an interval of 15-20 days. At the correct distribution of crops it is possible to achieve receiving fresh cucumbers during the whole season.

Modern balcony grades

If it is necessary to grow up good harvest of the cucumbers suitable for salting and conservation, it is necessary to pay attention to modern hybrids of cucumbers gherkins. Among them it is possible to note "City cucumber", "Balcony". Lashes of these plants differ in compactness, cucumbers grow at bunches – on some pieces from one bosom. Gherkins differ in the tiny sizes, good taste; they are crispy, fragrant, perfectly are suitable for bookmark in banks for the winter. Larger zelenets at "Swallowtail" and "Blizzard", but their fructification differs in fast return of harvest therefore it is regularly necessary to place new plants. For big loggias where there is no deficiency the place, hybrids Berendey, "Emerald stream" - quality of zelents excellent approach, fructification is dragged out in time, but length of lashes does not allow to grow up large number of these plants. If the balcony the most part of day is in shadow, the shade-enduring hybrids adapted for balcony conditions will be suitable for it: Masha, "Strutter", "Prestige", Kosinsky. What grade or hybrid of cucumbers to choose, all of them need timely watering and fertilizing which in the conditions of limited space are even more relevant, than at cultivation of plants in the greenhouse. Especially for balcony cucumbers in specialized shops it is necessary to buy nutritious earth mix, complex mineral fertilizers, and during all vegetative period regularly to feed up plants to receive good harvest.

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