What grades of tomatoes for greenhouses the earliest

What grades of tomatoes for greenhouses the earliest

Not in each region of our country it is possible to grow up early ripening grades of tomatoes. The best way out - the polycarbonate greenhouse to which it is possible to thrust seedling long before the soil on the garden site gets warm.

F1 aurora

Superearly hybrid which well is suitable for cultivation in greenhouses. From the moment of crops of seeds before collecting tomatoes there pass about 90-95 days. Low bushes, to one meter in height, it is the best of all to tie up them to support. Seedling can be planted rather densely, 5-6 plants on 1 sq.m. are allowed. The aurora of F1 has good productivity - up to 15 kg of tomatoes from one square meter. Red fruits, the average size (weight about 100 g), do not burst and are suitable for salting. Also among indisputable pluses of this grade: amicable return of harvest, resistance to many diseases and unpretentiousness in leaving.


This ultraearly and frigostable grade also well will be suitable for cultivation in the greenhouse. Sanyok's tomato differs in quite small bushes - up to 70 cm. Has red fruits, their weight can reach 150-180 grams. One of grade advantages - the dragged-out fructification, t.e fructifies it practically all summer. Sanyok's grade is rather unpretentious, and its fruits can be used for preparation of all dishes, pickles, sauces and lecso.

Coral reef

Early grade for the closed soil, it is possible to reap crop approximately in 95 days after shoots. Tomatoes of this grade smooth, grow at brushes, rather large (the weight of fruit can reach the 300-350th). Gardeners note that the grade the Coral reef is rather unpretentious and seldom subject to diseases. Fruits have pleasant, a little sweetish taste, without sourness. The productivity of grade reaches 20 kg during the season from one square meter.

General of F1

This hybrid has been removed by the Japanese selectors. It is possible to grow up this early tomato both in the open ground, and in greenhouses. Of date of crops of seeds before collecting the first tomatoes passes on average 100 days. The bush grows low, about 70-75 cm, fruits appear on brushes, each tomato weighing about 220 grams. Tomatoes have thin skin and rather juicy pulp with small sourness. The hybrid the Admiral of F1 is resistant to drought and hot weather, its productivity is up to 13 kg on 1 sq.m. The harvest of these tomatoes is well stored, especially in immature look (about 2 months). 

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