What is necessary temperature and humidity for conclusion of chickens in incubator

What is necessary temperature and humidity for conclusion of chickens in incubator

In the course of incubation it is necessary to support the correct temperature condition and air humidity. At non-compliance with it the embryos can die or ugly chickens "will hatch". Constantly observing incubation, it is possible to eliminate defects in time, to take the necessary measures for preservation of germs.

Temperature condition and humidity

For incubation take fresh eggs, five-seven-day storage life. The shell has to be equal, without cracks, egg − the correct form. Percent of deductibility of chickens high, embryos transfers short-term overheating or excessive cooling.

The incubation of eggs passes 21 days, in tray they are stacked vertically, set temperature condition, it has to be approximate to natural conditions in which the hen – 37.8 °C brings chickens. In the last 3 days temperature is lowered by 0.3 degrees. Humidity level in the first day – 80%, the next 8 days establish 70-75%, the next period − 50%. Since 5th day, eggs cool 15 min. times a day, for the 19th day stop cooling. Temperature in cabinet in the last 2 days is maintained by 37.5 degrees, humidity of 68%. Temperature and humidity are determined by thermometers. For increase in humidity put on floor of incubator of container with water.

Control of development of embryos

Effective way of control of development of germ − raying on the egg tester. For the 5th day it is possible to make out blood grid on yolk, after 10 days of incubation the dark stain in the center of egg is accurately visible. For the 19th day almost already created chicken is looked through. Material several times for incubation is looked through and do resorting. Eggs without germs on gleam of greenish color with the died embryos have black contents, live germs are highlighted by pink. After resorting the remained eggs with embryos return in output cabinet, stack blunt end up. On pro-biting of shell it is possible to judge quality of incubation. At the satisfactory mode the line of pro-biting will pass on egg circle, in its wide part. At excess of humidity the chicken will punch shell, but will not hatch because it wet, sticky, the shell dries on it. At lack of humidity the pro-biting is observed in middle part of egg. The Podskorlupny cover dry, strong, to chicken not to be exempted from it. During conclusion the trays have to be closed by gauze that chickens have not fallen out too much. At the beginning of conclusion it is necessary to check each two hours incubator and to take out the dried chickens. Results of incubation are considered as good if conclusion makes 80% of the put eggs. Or about violation of incubation tells large number of eggs with blood ring about bad quality of eggs. If eggs have been put stale, were long stored to incubation, the probability that germs will die at initial stage is high.

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