What is primer?

What is primer?

Primer - special construction material which make priming of surfaces before laying of waterproofing and roofing materials. Preliminary priming of surface primer allows to raise significantly life cycle of the materials laid from above.

General information

Bituminous primer - liquid of black color without foreign inclusions. The primer is made by dissolution of oil bitumens, and dissolution happens only to the help of organic solvents, that is as a part of primer there are no toxic substances.

The primer significantly facilitates and accelerates waterproofing and roofing works, and their quality at the same time increases.

In shop you will be able to get either ready primer, or concentrated. The first is already prepared for use though it and needs to be mixed at first, it is desirable with use of special drill with the mixing nozzle. The second needs to part, for this purpose apply organic solvent: the solvent type suitable for this primer will be surely specified in the instruction to primer, as well as proportion according to which it needs to be parted. The concentrated primer is more economic, and with ready it is simpler to work.

It is possible to work with primer only in the fresh air or in well aired room.

The primer increases coupling of surface and material. It can be used for wooden, concrete and reinforced concrete, metal, asbestos-cement and any porous surfaces. The primer is applied to preparation of bridge flights, roofs, underground designs, the bases, surfaces of pipes on which thermal insulation is applied. When drawing primer on metal surface it not only provides the best laying of isolation or roof, but also gives surfaces anticorrosion properties. The primer is softened only at temperature above 80oC therefore it can be used quietly in any, even the hottest, weather. Primers have very high level of adhesion, that is they very well connect both to the basis, and to material which is put from above.

Even the dusty, rough, very porous surface processed by primer becomes suitable for carrying out insulating works.

Types of primers

Distinguish several types of primers. The most widespread - normal bituminous, it has the smallest price, is easy in use. Bituminous and polymeric primer - more expensive material, the special substances improving properties, so are entered into its structure it dries much quicker, protects surface from negative impact of the environment better. The emulsion bituminous primer - water emulsion of bitumen, this primer differs in what uses as solvent only water, usually it is applied to works indoors.

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