What to begin beekeeping with

What to begin beekeeping with

Beekeeping – occupation fascinating and favorable. But if you the beginner to organize apiary easily and quickly it will not turn out. It will be necessary to choose the optimum place for beehives, it is correct to arrange them, to stock up with necessary stock and to provide set of important nuances.

Why you need bees

In the beginning it is necessary to be defined for what to you in the principle to be engaged in beekeeping. If just you want to have fresh honey and quality propolis for family and the closest friends, 3-5 families of bees will be enough for you. If have conceived to earn from sale of honey, not less than 10-15 bee families are required.

Where to arrange apiary

It is necessary to approach the choice of the site with all care. Most of all hilly places with uneven relief are suitable for installation of beehives. There melliferous herbs blossom longer, it depends on heating by sunshine of the different sides of hills. On southern the plants begin to blossom earlier, on western and east a little later, on northern still later.

It is also good that in case of the hilly area, in comparison with the plain, the maximum area of collecting around beehive will be more.

The site for apiary has to be far away from farms, large reservoirs, compost pits processed by toxic chemicals of fields, high-voltage lines. It is better if also other apiaries as in this case there is danger of transfer of diseases and meeting of bees are not near. If residential buildings are nearby located, it is desirable to fence apiary with fence of two-meter height, impenetrable. Then bees will be, flying away on medosbor, at once to gain height, and as a result to disturb less neighbors. Among other things, the fence protects from wind which changes players of air in beehives in the adverse party (the special microclimate has to remain there).

Arrangement and structure of beehives

Today on sale the set of beehives of industrial production of different designs is provided. Initially you can choose such standard houses for bees, and then when experience comes, to finish them independently. Choose beehives in which walls and bottom are thicker than 40 millimeters: it will be easier for bees to maintain necessary temperature in 32-35os, insects will be protected from cold and wind. Inside it is necessary to put moss or straw, they will warm and absorb the moisture emitted by bees. The best beehives – from linden, aspen, fir and not really resinous pine. Outside of them cover with drying oil, paint, and it is the best of all in various colors that insects did not confuse the dwellings. For the same purpose it is possible to turn pipe rack and notches in different directions. It is necessary to place beehives not too closely to each other, optimum - at distance about two meters. Bee houses have to be hidden from the scorching sun, otherwise bees will direct all efforts on ventilation of beehives and will produce less honey. It is necessary to put beehives on the site cleared of weeds, to fix on wooden racks.

Clothes and stock

To find the place and to buy beehives with bees is half-affairs. It is impossible to equip apiary without special clothes and the necessary stock. Working things have to be dense and light, without pile. Such clothes should not hold down your movements and pass bees to body. The beginning beekeepers are recommended to work in rubber gloves. When you have necessary skills, it will be possible to refuse their use. And without front grid you should not approach bees even to skilled bee-keepers. It is impossible to predict sting sometimes and if the bee stings in eye, it is possible to lose sight.

And at sting in other parts of the face and bodies there is risk of unpleasant consequences, such, for example, as allergy.

As for other stock, initially it is necessary to have smoker, box to transfer framework, chisel, navashchivatel, wit, wire, knife, voshchina, medogonka and royevnyu. All the rest can be got later when the apiary begins to extend.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team