What to do with the outgrown seedling of tomatoes

What to do with the outgrown seedling of tomatoes

For various reasons sometimes it is impossible to plant seedling of tomatoes on the constant place in time. Plants continue to expand very actively. As a result the overdone saplings take root worse and long perebalivat after finding of constant registration. That it has not occurred, it is necessary to slow down their growth artificially.

Why seedling of tomatoes outgrows

It is possible to allocate three main reasons of development of saplings of tomatoes on windowsill:

  • too early crops of seeds;
  • by the time of disembarkation to the constant place the soil has badly got warm;
  • there is no time for change.

What to do if seedling of tomatoes only has begun to outgrow

If saplings have to linger on windowsill, try to slow down their development. For this purpose resort to the so-called constraining receptions. 

It is known that light is necessary for plants for growth. Without it there will not take place photosynthesis due to which saplings receive power supply for the development. Arrange to seedling "dark". For this purpose for couple of days transfer it to the dark place. The room without windows will be ideal. 

At fall of temperature the processes of activity of plants stop. Lower degree indoors or rearrange saplings to more cool place, for example on balcony or terrace. 

Reduce watering. At the same time reduce not only the frequency, but also amount of water. And surely exclude fertilizing. 

Replace the outgrown tomatoes in the capacity of the bigger size. Until they stressovat after that and to increase roots, growth of their green material will stop. Carry out processing of tomatoes by growth regulators, following the instruction on packing. Among popular medicines – "Krepen" and "Athlete". 

What to do if seedling of tomatoes has already strongly outgrown

If saplings were strongly extended that began to bend under weight of escapes, to slow down their growth already late. In this case cut plant on two or three parts and put in glass with water that they have started up backs. At their emergence replace in the container with soil or at once to the greenhouse or the open ground. Keep in mind that such plants with delay in two-three weeks will fructify. 

Some gardeners act simpler, cutting off the outgrown saplings over the fourth or fifth real leaflet. After similar execution of plant feed up complex fertilizer according to the instruction. Soon from the sleeping kidneys escapes will develop, them can be at once a little. At good leaving such bushes will yield rich harvest of tomatoes. 

Some gardeners without regret throw out the outgrown saplings because they do not want to dig with their "resuscitation". Nevertheless they can give chance and without excess manipulations. Just put them on the constant place in the outgrown state. Only make it correctly – "lying".

Previously remove the lower leaves from stalk, having left only the topmost. Dig through groove in depth no more than 10 cm and in the North-South direction. Place in it sapling, having sent roots to South side. Fill up with soil, having left only top. Water and put peg to which record plant. The subsequent leaving – as behind normal tomatoes.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team