Whether it is necessary to cover banks with blanket after rolling

Whether it is necessary to cover banks with blanket after rolling

That preparations for the winter have turned out tasty were longer stored, it is necessary to follow strictly compounding of conservation of products and preparation of container. After curling of hot pickles, compotes, jam and other it is desirable to wrap up banks that cooling of preparations happened more slowly.

Each hostess has recipes of conservation of products which they use from year to year. The progress of work perfected for years on preparation of vegetables, berries and fruit allows to receive as a result products which taste does not disappoint. However if tastes of viands always manage to be controlled by addition in preparations of certain spices and spices, then the term of their storage does not. The fact is that there are such recipes where sterilization of products and cans happens on means of boiled water/brine (that is in bank certain products are put then ware to top is filled with boiled water or the beginning to boil brine). Such method of preservation does not give 100% of guarantee of death of all microbes in container, and preparations quite often spoil, however because of the simplicity the recipe is very popular among hostesses.

It would seem if the percent of damage of such products is quite high, then it is better to refuse similar recipes. However far from it, hostesses have found the way allowing to reduce considerably ""detonation"" of cans and souring of their contents. The normal ukutyvaniye of hot preparations by blanket or other things which are well keeping heat has helped with it. The fact is that ukutyvaniye fast cooling of products, banks prevents long time remain hot that in addition disinfects container and viands in it.

Besides, the similar procedure is good the fact that it keeps integrity of fruits in banks. At too fast temperature drop the tomatoes, plum, cherry, sloe and other vegetables, berries and fruit burst that negatively affects exterior of ready-made product. At gradual cooling of brine/compote similar does not occur.

From all aforesaid it is possible to draw conclusion that it is optional to wrap up preparations with blanket. However if you wish to sterilize in addition banks with their contents, to keep integrity of the preserved fruits, then you should not neglect the procedure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team