Whether it is necessary to ret pepper seeds before landing to seedling

Whether it is necessary to ret pepper seeds before landing to seedling

Many gardeners are sure that it is just necessary to ret pepper seeds before landing, thanks to this procedure there is disinfecting of planting stock, germination accelerates. However It should be noted, as without soaking it is possible to grow up excellent harvest of pepper.

To grow up good harvest of any given culture, it is necessary to approach competently the choice and preparation of seeds for sowing, their viability depends on quality of planting stock. It is also important to consider optimum terms of landing, leaning on weather conditions of the region further to plant saplings in soil when sprouts gain strength for such ""moving"". If as seeds you are not sure or zapozdnitsya for some reason with landings, then you should not neglect soaking of sunflower seeds in water or special solution.

To be defined, ret or not seeds before landing to seedling, it is necessary to find out what in general requires soaking. So, this procedure is applied only for two reasons:

  • for disinfecting of planting stock;
  • for speed of germination of seeds.

That is there is no need to place planting stock in water/solution before sowing if you are sure of quality of seeds and were not late with landings. However in case for cultivation of seedling old seeds or bought in unchecked shop / stall are used, then it is just necessary to keep planting stock in the disinfecting solution, this procedure will save the infected sunflower seeds from fungus or mold dispute which, as we know, can ruin plants further.

Will not prevent to keep pepper seeds in normal water or special solution if for any reason the sowing has not been made in time, and landing was postponed. On average soaking of sunflower seeds accelerates their germination for three-five days and sprouts arise more amicably.

And in general pepper - one of the most whimsical plants, on germination is required to it from 7 to 14 days. Therefore if you have decided to put this type of culture for the first time, then do not neglect soaking of seeds, in this case you will manage to grow up healthier seedling, having spent for it minimum of nerves. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team