Whether it is possible to grow up rose from seed

Whether it is possible to grow up rose from seed

The fine flower, rose quite whimsical for cultivation, but the spent efforts are worth it. The queen of flowers will decorate with herself any garden. She breeds in two ways: vegetative and seed. Treat vegetative method: division of bush, cherenkovaniye and inoculation. The limited quantity of grades is sowed by seed way. For example: tiny rose, thorny, poliantovy and others.

Seeds of rose are on sale in specialized shops. It is possible to bring together them from the seasonal dacha or to ask for the neighbor who is engaged in flower cultivation.

Preparation of seeds for disembarkation

Remove fruits in immature state when their coloring gains yellow color with red impregnations. Accurately cut head not to damage contents, on two halves. Get seeds of the different size and color and separate them from pulp, it will disturb. Put grains in sieve and lower in hydrogen peroxide solution. Get in 20 minutes.

Moisten piece of paper towel or other dense fabric with peroxide. Lay out on it seeds, from above cover with the same wetted piece of fabric or towel. Place parcel in dense plastic bag and stick. Specify on it date and grade of flower. You store grains in the fridge, at temperature of +4 or +5os. Periodically get them and check. There can be mold. In this case wash out seeds, place between the napkins impregnated with peroxide in bag and send to the fridge again. In 1.5-2 months the first sprouts have to appear. After that start disembarkation stage.

Cultivation of rose from seeds

Place seeds with sprouts in the pot filled with substrate. Add a little on the surface of perlite for protection against disease of "black leg". Water the soil in process of drying of room temperature. Fertilize at least 1 time a week the special mixes divorced in liquid. Light of 10 hours in day is necessary for flower for growth therefore put pot under artificial lamp. The rose needs fresh air, air the enclosed space. Sprinkle leaves from spray cool water or the dissolved fertilizing mixes. In week the first shoots will seem. 2 months later there will be buds beginning to blossom in 25-30 days. If to root system the pot became close, accurately replace plant in larger container. The strengthened rose is ready to change in soil.

Landing of rose in soil

In the spring when snow leave and warm weather will be established, plant rose in soil. For a start choose the place. Strongly heavy, clay soils, with the underground waters located close to surface do not approach. Get accurately from pot flower and wet its roots in water, it is possible with fertilizer addition. Dig over soil, breaking dense lumps of the earth and deleting backs. Make hole and lower in it rose roots, slightly press down them to the basis and powder with the earth mixed with mineral fertilizers. Soil has to be condensed well. Around dig round hole that the small ledge has turned out. So water will not flow, and will remain at root system. Water flower and look after it regularly, then it will blossom long and beautifully.

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