Why at cauliflower the head was not tied?

Why at cauliflower the head was not tied?

To grow up good harvest of cauliflower - business difficult. Knowledge of some features of agrotechnology of cultivation of this culture will allow to avoid to gardeners of many mistakes. The reasons for which the head is not tied can be a little.


1. Reason: early planting of seedling in soil. Cauliflower not such frost-resistant, as white. For it there are enough frosts to-1 degree that the point of growth has died.

2. Reason: irregular waterings. Even short-term dehumidification of the soil during the seedling period will have an adverse effect further on formation of head.

3. Reason: cultivation of seedling in superficial pots. The head size directly depends on the size of leaves: than they are larger, the head can be that more. Therefore grow up cauliflower seedling in larger pots, than white (8х8 or 10х10 cm).

4. Reason: lack of power supply. The cauliflower places very great demands on power supply. As soon as the planted seedling takes root and will begin to grow, she needs to be fed up solution of mullein or bird's dung with superphosphate addition (3 g on 1 l of water). The second fertilizing should be carried out in 2 weeks. It is possible to use mullein again, part it 1:5 with addition of superphosphate of 6 g on 1 l of water and sulfate potassium of 2 h spoon. If necessary it is possible to make also the third fertilizing.

5. Reason: lack of the soil of microelements, such as pine forest, copper, manganese, zinc, molybdenum. You carry out fertilizing by microfertilizers. In the absence of those use oven, wood ashes - on 1-2 tablespoons under plant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team