Why fall down fruits

Why fall down fruits

Fruits fall down from trees for several reasons: full maturing is reached, the tree is infected or suffers shortage of nutrients or moisture, there is too much fruits and the tree dumps part to avoid change of trunk or branches.

The fruit can come off fruit stem at achievement of full maturity. Dates of maturing of fruit and vegetables are known to experienced gardeners therefore harvesting happens in time, and mass falling and damage of fruits is not observed. But happens that fruits fall down term much earlier, and then decay on the earth. The reasons for that can be a little.

Many fruit crops, for example, of apple-tree, drainings, pears, etc., are pollinated therefore formation of ovaries requires availability in garden of insects pollinators (bumblebees, bees and so forth). In case the garden has been processed by pesticides, there is risk of death of these important tiny assistants. It is necessary to be careful and not to allow excessive impact on trees and bushes of harmful chemicals.

Late spring frosts are capable to spoil or kill fairly already appeared ovaries. Such things it is necessary to predict and take security measures, for example, to spray kroner of fruit-trees with special structure or to process them cold water before sunrise. The lack of moisture of the soil can be caused by long lack of rains, heat or strong wind. Because of it the useful substances and minerals necessary for plant become inaccessible as water helps them to rise from roots to leaves and ovaries. In this case it is necessary to feed up artificially trees, it is abundant having watered with the fertilizer divorced in it. Attack of insects wreckers. It must be kept in mind that in this case it is better not to use modern structures for spraying, and to use old reliable tools, such as broth of dandelions, nettles, burdock, etc. Thus it is possible not only to protect tree from parasites, but also to protect insects pollinators. Too late collecting the ripened fruits can also lead to their falling off. It is necessary to watch carefully maturing terms not to allow damage of already ripe fruit and vegetables.

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