How tasty to make rice as a garnish

How tasty to make rice as a garnish

Rice is a tasty and useful garnish for a set of dishes: from meat, a bird, fish and seafood, vegetable. One of the main conditions - friability. How to achieve it?

It is required to you

  • 5 glasses of rice
    • 1-1.5 l of water or broth (meat
    • vegetable)
    • salt and spices - to taste
    • creamy or olive oil - to taste
    • vegetables (fresh
    • preserved or frozen) - to taste


1. Choose the necessary grade of rice, attentively read recommendations on packing (time of cooking, a proportion - all this depends on a type of rice). Don't take round or polished - they well boil soft therefore are used for preparation of porridge. And long-grain and steamed - firm, from them you easily weld a friable and tasty garnish. Useful brown rice is even firmer white since is practically not exposed to processing, but also you will longer cook it.

2. Irrespective of the chosen recipe and a grade wash out rice in cold flowing water. Fray hands, change water (3-5 times) until it becomes transparent. Remove the foreign and damaged kernels.

3. Lower the prepared rice in the boiling added some salt water and mix that kernels didn't stick to a pan bottom. After rice begins to boil soft, lower fire to an average (there will be only bubbles on a water surface). This general beginning for the majority of garnishes. From the following step you will be able to choose ways.

4. The simplest option: continue to cook rice in water. Try more often, it is better to undercook slightly, than to receive rice flakes. As soon as it reaches the necessary consistence - spread on a colander. After water flows down, at will add creamy or olive oil.

5. Other, "southeast" option: you can cook rice to semi-readiness in water, and then lay out in a sieve or a small colander. Place a colander on a pan of the same diameter with the boiling water to which you can add some spice to taste. You can cover rice with a cover. As a result you keep in kernels more vitamins, than at usual cooking.

6. For "vegetable rice" small cut or grate carrots, onions, a squash, paprika (ingredients and proportions any, select according to your taste) and slightly fry in olive oil. You can use the ready frozen mixes: throw into the boiling water for 3-5 minutes, if necessary crush and fry. Will add taste and tinned vegetables (corn, green peas, red beans, etc.) will decorate a dish - add them to the last turn. As soon as vegetables are ready, connect them to ready hot rice. It is ready!

7. Whatever recipe you chose, don't wash out rice after cooking under cold water. To you it is necessary then to warm a garnish, and it can spoil taste and appearance of a dish. As a last resort, if you took not the most suitable rice, and it stuck together – after cold water rinse it with boiled water. It is more sparing type of heating, than in a frying pan or in the microwave. Or, if you decided to prepare "vegetable", add cold rice directly on a frying pan with the prepared vegetables.

8. If your garnish is ready, but to give it on a table still early, take care of that rice didn't cool down. Don't leave the cooked rice in water and on fire - you risk to spoil its consistence and taste. Place a ready-to-eat meal on a weak water bath better or use a house thermal container.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team