How to make drawings of the buggy

How to make drawings of the buggy

The buggy is held in the deserved respect at fans of extreme sports. In some designs of this sports car the simplified basis of production models is used, but often fans should invent the buggy anew, being guided by the ideas of what has to be the car for driving on off road terrain. Creation of the buggy begins with considering of the general scheme and drawing up drawings.

It is required to you

  • - photos of the buggy;
  • - sheets of paper of different formats;
  • - protractor;
  • - two triangles;
  • - ruler;
  • - compasses;
  • - pencils;
  • - gel pen;
  • - eraser.


1. Define in what conditions you plan to use the buggy. Whether the car will move on public roads, or it intends only for driving on off road terrain? The solution of this question will allow to define more precisely geometry of the chassis and option of a pendant.

2. If you plan to make the car for amateur driving, but not for sports meets, pay the main attention when designing to safety and comfort, but not power. Respectively, the choice will affect also height of a design of the buggy and a form of seats.

3. Choose a design of the car which you will begin to use as so-called "donor". Most often for these purposes the domestic VAZ-2101, VAZ-2108, M-2141 cars are used.

4. Right at the beginning decide on equipment of inside of the buggy taking into account which preliminary configuration of units is carried out. It is expedient to receive an exact technical characteristic of the sports car, including key parameters of constructive knots and units of the buggy.

5. Stock up with a large number of photos and other images of the buggy made from the most various foreshortenings. Attentively study possible designs of the car to get used to its look. Try to look at the buggy impartially and in a new way.

6. Set a reference point, that is the beginning of a system of coordinates on the sheet of paper. If you begin configuration with inside of the car, reckon from a seat of the driver or from an axis of a front wheel.

7. Taking into account the photos and drawings which are available at your disposal and also the sizes of the main units of the buggy define and apply key parameters of your model on the scheme: three overall dimensions, I freeze front and back wheels, wheel base, width on mirrors, radiuses of the overcome obstacles and so on.

8. Reflect driveshaft length in the drawing to start a frame portrayal. Begin with a road gleam and the image of the lower pipes. Make a gleam a little big, than at "donor" as the buggy should master off road terrain. Display the provision of wheels, since lobbies. Trace also seats and units of the car.

9. Define and reflect the provision of the directing frame pipes in the drawing. At the same time make height of salon slightly more, than at basic model; it will allow to shift a driver's seat a little back. Draw the place for fastening of the accumulator and the fuel tank. Represent pipes of a frame layer-by-layer, using different colors. An average number of pipes has to be located at the level where will conveniently hold a hand.

10. Finish the drawing putting down of the necessary sizes. Execute explanatory inscriptions to the drawing. If necessary reduce technical indicators in the separate table, having issued it the annex to the scheme of the car.

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