How to make Ladies Whim salad

How to make Ladies Whim salad

This salad is very good alternative to popular "Russian salads" and "Seledochke under a fur coat". The dish has a little unusual structure and allows use instead of mayonnaise of absolutely other sauce more useful and less high-calorie.

The name is a dish received because of ingredient, a little unusual to a meat salad, – pineapple. Seldom where it is possible to meet such combination it would seem incompatible products, but not the theory is important, the result is important!

It is required to you

- half of a can of pineapples (any cutting, in syrup);

- 400 g of chicken meat without bones;

- 100 g of cheese (to your taste);

- 100 g of champignons or forest mushrooms;

- two eggs;

- one segment of garlic;

- salt (to taste);

- black and/or allspice (to taste);

- quarter of a teaspoon of ready chicken seasoning (not necessarily);

- mayonnaise or Greek Tsatsiki sauce (Dzadzika)

For preparation of the Greek sauce it is required to you:

- dense yogurt without additives (the best option – with the content of fat of 10%, on the basis of cream);

- one small fresh cucumber;

- lemon juice (to taste);

- herbs of Greek cuisine in Sege a look or ready mix (to taste);

- salt

Pay attention!

You can use at discretion chicken breast or a hip, but the second option is more preferable. The Greek sauce has a peculiar taste and is a worthy alternative to more popular mayonnaise.


Step 1. Prepare chicken meat: remove films, bruises, etc. Wash up and drain. Salt, pepper, strew with chicken seasoning and well rub. Cover with food wrap and remove for half an hour in the fridge.

Step 2. Get meat from the fridge and prepare at discretion by one of three ways (from the worst to the best):

  • Boil in a small amount of water until ready. In this option meat strongly loses the gustatory qualities.
  • Fry meat until ready in a frying pan. Simply and tasty.
  • Bake chicken in an oven on a spit. This way suits only those at whom the oven has the corresponding function.
  • Bake meat by method of long languor.Long (3-5 hours), but in every respect this the best that can be made with meat.

Step 3. If you use forest mushrooms, previously boil them.

Step 4. Wash up champignons, drain. Small cut mushrooms and fry until ready in a frying pan without cover.

Step 5. Cook eggs, cool, clean. Small cut.

Step 6. Cut small meat.

Step 7. Cut small pineapples. If firm pieces come across, crush them so what they wouldn't spoil general impression from salad.

Step 8. Clean, crush a knife and small cut garlic.

Step 9. Grate cheese on a small grater.

Step 10. Mix in the corresponding ware meat, pineapple, garlic, cheese, mushrooms and eggs. Add mayonnaise, mix. If you want to use the Greek sauce, you pass to a step 11.

Step 11. Wash up a cucumber, drain, clean from a green skin and rub on the smallest grater.

Step 12. Mix yogurt with cucumber puree, add lemon juice, herbs, add some salt, mix.

Step 13. In 10-15 minutes fill salad.

Step 14. Before giving on a table surely let's a dish infuse in the fridge of 15-30 minutes.

Enjoy your meal!

Helpful advice

If you are any fan of leaf lettuces, then you can use them as one more ingredient for this dish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team