How to prepare a New Year's dessert

How to prepare a New Year's dessert

The New Year's table is traditionally plentiful and rich in goodies and dainties. Hostesses pay much attention hot, to salads and snack, but among all this variety it is worth to remember about preparation of a New Year's dessert.

Snow Fairy Tale cake

It is required:

- biscuit cake layers (purchased or baked independently);

- cottage cheese – 200 g;

- raisin, nuts, dried apricots or prunes – to taste;

- sour cream of average fat content – 100 g;

- marshmallows vanilla white color – 8-10 pieces;

- custard – 1 package.

At first we do a stuffing. For this purpose mix cottage cheese, sour cream, nuts and dried fruits.

On the first cake layer lay out a half of curds. Divide marshmallows into halves and put on cottage cheese. On marshmallows lay out the second part of cottage cheese cream. From above cover with biscuit cake layer and cover all cake with custard. Cream it is possible to use purchased or to prepare independently.

If desired it is possible to make several layers with cottage cheese and marshmallows. Decorate cake with walnuts.

Orange souffle

It is required:

- large orange – 1 piece;

- sugar – 50 g;

- milk – 2 glasses;

- a desi – 70 g;

 - flour – 30 g;

- eggs – 2 pieces;

- salt.

Kindle in a pan on weak fire a desi (not to bring to the boil). Without removing from fire, add flour and quickly mix. Then enter the remained products, except eggs, without ceasing to stir slowly.

When weight begins to boil, at once to remove it from fire and to implicate vitelluses. Then to allow the test to cool down and already in the cooled-down dough accurately to add the whites beaten in strong foam.

 Grease a culinary baking dish with a desi and lay out in it the turned-out dough. Bake in an oven at a temperature of 180 degrees of 15-20 minutes.

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