How to prepare pease pudding in the multicooker

How to prepare pease pudding in the multicooker

Pease pudding can be a garnish for meat or fish or an independent dish. That porridge turned out tasty, peas it is necessary well boil soft. It is convenient to do it in the multicooker - the dish will turn out tasty, fragrant and will never burn. If desired the recipe can be diversified, having added onions, vegetables, meat and other ingredients to peas.

Pease pudding with oil

The dish prepared according to this recipe perfectly will approach as a garnish. Most tasty is porridge with the fried meat or sausages made on a grill. It is separately possible to serve the fresh or dried bread and also a vegetable salad. If you want to prepare a fast dish, replace a desi vegetable, preferably refined.

It is required to you:

- 2 glasses of dried peas; - salt; - desi to taste. Wet dry peas in cold water for 5-6 hours. Then cast away it on a colander and wash with flowing water. Grease a multicooker bowl with a desi - it will allow to save future porridge from burning. Lay out peas in a bowl and fill in it with water. Liquid has to cover multicooker contents completely. Add some salt to mix and set the Porridge or Rice mode on the panel. The dish will be cooked about an hour.

Wait for the termination of a cycle and let's the multicooker dump steam. Add a desi to ready porridge, mix and lay out a dish on the warmed-up plates. Serve porridge hot. Consider that the porridge made according to this recipe turns out quite abrupt. If you prefer more weak body, pour in more water in peas.

Pease pudding with chicken and vegetables

For a nourishing lunch make porridge with chicken meat, carrot and onions. Use chicken thighs or breasts - everything depends on your taste. Instead of chicken for porridge it is possible to use a turkey or low-fat pork. It is required to you: - 500 g of dried peas; - 400 g of chicken meat; - 1 bulb; - 1 carrots; - vegetable oil for frying; - salt and pepper to taste. Wet peas at several o'clock. If you have no time for soaking, use a grinding peas - rather well to wash out and cast away it on a colander. Wash out chicken, remove films, skin and bones, dry meat a paper towel and cut on small pieces. Pour a little vegetable oil in a multicooker bowl, add chicken meat and include the Frying mode for 10 minutes. Chop onions thin half rings, clean carrots and grate. Enclose vegetables to chicken and fry everything together 10 more minutes. Add peas to a bowl, fill in water, salt and pepper. Liquid has to exceed multicooker contents on 1.5 cm. Set the Suppression mode on the panel and cook porridge 2 hours. Serve a ready-to-eat meal hot, having spread out it to the warmed-up plates. Porridge can be strewed the parsley which is small cut by greens.

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