The pepper stuffed ""Original"

The pepper stuffed ""Original"

The stuffed pepper is a classical dish which usually is cooked in tomato sauce. All got used to this dish and therefore perceive it as due. But that if to change traditions and habits, having made the original stuffed pepper without gravy, but with a hard cheese and with an unusual stuffing.


  • 7 sweet paprikas;
  • 1 bulb and carrot;
  • 250 g of boiled rice;
  • ½ part of an average squash;
  • 1 bank of stewed meat (beef);
  • sunflower oil;
  • 80 g of a hard cheese;
  • salt and black pepper.


  • Take 7 peppers, rovnenky and identical by the size, wash them and to dry carefully.
  • Rasp a hard cheese with a small cell.
  • In a stewpan to pour in oil, to place it on fire and to warm.
  • One pepper together with a bulb to clean, wash and cut in average cubes. Clean and crush carrot by means of a grater. Lay out the prepared vegetables in oil and brown to softness.
  • Wash, cut a squash in small cubes, add to vegetables, mix and extinguish to a condition of semi-readiness.
  • Then to add stewed meat to semi-ready vegetables (without liquid), to fill all with pepper and salt, to cover and extinguish, excess liquid won't evaporate yet. During this time vegetables completely will prepare.
  • In advance to boil rice until ready, to lay out at the end of suppression to vegetables, to mix, remove from fire and to cool.
  • Peel the remained pepper from within so that it wasn't damaged. Then to wash up, place in the double boiler, to cover and boil a quarter of hour. Then to switch off the double boiler, but not to open and not to take out pepper 10-15 more minutes that it a little bit cooled down.
  • After this time to take out warm pepper from the double boiler, to clean from films and to stuff accurately with the vegetable weight that walls of pepper weren't damaged and didn't break.
  • Lay out the stuffed pepper on a dish, to strew plentifully with a grated cheese and send to the microwave for 2-3 minutes that cheese melted.
  • Then to take out from the microwave, to strew with any chopped greens, to water with sour cream and at once to give to a table.
  • We will note that it is possible to experiment with this stuffed pepper, changing also vegetables in a stuffing, and even meat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team