Street fitness – as it is necessary to grow thin in the summer"

Street fitness – as it is necessary to grow thin in the summer"

– an excellent time when it is possible to grow thin in various ways, and, especially without thinking of conditions of performance of different exercises which will help to get to you the necessary figure and to lose extra kilos. Physical exercises during such time as spring and summer will help to gain desirable effect as much as possible. What should be chosen exercises? We provide you the choice:

  • A fast pace or run on ladders of houses (offices and other institutions where there are standard ladder flights). This type of exercises greatly affects muscles of legs, buttocks and processes enough calories. Approximately in an hour of such run about 700 kcal leave. Do you want to add loading? No problem! Pick up packages of something heavy (from the 3rd kilogram and above) and continue run. An analog of packages – dumbbells or special small weights on legs.
  • A jump rope – the checked tool which in skillful hands turns into terrible weapon against extra kilos and the sculptor of a beautiful figure. Exercises with a jump rope develop cardioendurance, flexibility, improve a vestibular mechanism and also perfectly help to burn excess calories. This exercise is advised by many vertebrolog for strengthening of muscles of a back. But it is not recommended to use a jump rope at sharp diseases of a backbone and deformations of foot. Try to work at once, not approaches, it will improve your breath and coordination of movements.
  • The bicycle – as means for weight loss, the excellent choice. It is possible to go also by roads, the connecting large settlements. The usefulness of such sport just reads off scale. Such driving perfectly affects muscles of legs, burns a large number of calories, strengthens endurance of a body in general and serves as good prophylactic against diseases of nervous system. For improvement efficiency change the driving speed, distance, replace the area and diversify a condition of the road by which you go.
  • Volleyball – fine summer sport, occupation time behind which flies imperceptibly. This occupation perfectly is reflected in almost all muscles of an organism, especially in extremities of the top belt. Especially the fact that it is team game pleases. The competition with friends and acquaintances improves nervous system, forces to lighten the mood, shows sometimes aggression, and necessary for an organism to remove stress which is saved up for long operating time.
  • Driving on rollers or a board – excellent occupation on the street which will help to develop muscles of legs, to lighten the mood, to remove stress, to improve breath and a condition of a cardiovascular system and also to burn several hundreds of calories per hour. Try, and everything at you will turn out!
  • • Play often badminton – this type of a game was remembered to you since far the childhood which was simply crowded with different types of sport. Find to yourself the rival – and dare!
  • Play more often with children on the street – or others, and such type of physical occupation will very well affect your health, and all because to you not to keep up with energy of children which will just scoff at your skill. All this besides, if you not the active athlete or just sharp type.
  • • It is necessary to tell concluding remarks about table tennis is also fine and pleasant occupation which is especially hazardous in a game with the friends or acquaintances. It will bring big benefit to your mice and a condition of courage.

It is necessary to tell that there is a lot of such occupations, just it is worth looking narrowly behind games of children, friends, friends and acquaintances. Never just you should observe – it is necessary to work, participate and in general, to kill the laziness and to provide to an organism to move to correct and to a healthy lifestyle!

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Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team