How to connect chandelier if it has three wires

How to connect chandelier if it has three wires

Naked ceiling, hook for chandelier and three wires which are sticking out in different directions. Familiar situation? It is simple to connect the lamp, to know the main thing by what principle wires are distributed.


1. All works should be carried out during daylight hours since for safety it is necessary to disconnect electricity in all apartment. Unpack new chandelier, wipe it. If have brought from the cold street, let's it lie down hour or so that residues of damp condensate have dried and have disappeared. For now define phase and zero in wiring on ceiling. For this purpose take the indicator screw-driver and it is careful, at the switched-on switch, touch with it in turn the wires which are sticking out on ceiling. On zero the indicator of the screw-driver does not burn. It usually departs in raspayechny box, and the phase ends go on the switch.

2. Now find zero and phase conductors on chandelier. If they are marked, check them. In turn carefully stick two wires in the socket, categorically without concerning the third, remained. On chandelier different bulbs will alternately light up. Achieve such combination at which one wire will always be in the socket, and at serial connection of two others, the chandelier will join. That wire which remained in the socket all the time – and is zero. Two others - phase. Mark them with various insulating tape.

3. Disconnect electricity in all apartment, usually the switch is located on electric meter guard. Smooth out wires on ceiling from isolation, mark them in any way and part.

4. Remained very little. Double-check whether the switch is switched-off. Take chandelier and hang up it on hook. Now connect twist phase wires of chandelier to phase on ceiling, and zero, respectively, to ceiling zero. You remember, it is impossible to connect directly copper and aluminum wires by twist method at all. They are connected through block or via the screw, nut and washer.

5. Carefully insulate places of connections by insulating tape and hide them under chandelier pad not to spoil interior. Twist in bulb cartridges, establish plafonds.

6. Include electricity in the apartment, ""click"" the switch several times. Check how the new chandelier works. At connection various options are possible. Having the two-gang switch, it is possible to connect chandelier so that when pressing one key only part of bulbs lit up, when pressing another – all others, and when pressing both keys – all chandelier flashed bright light.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team