What documents are necessary for receiving baby food

What documents are necessary for receiving baby food

The families having low income level have the right to free food to the kid up to 2 years. For this purpose it is necessary to provide a number of necessary documents in social service.

It is required to you

  • certificates of income, the recipe from the local pediatrician about purpose of food, other documents


1. For receiving a free dairy products for the kid collect a package of necessary documents. Prepare passports of all family members, birth certificates of children and documents confirming your marital status in advance. If you are married, take the certificate on its conclusion. If at the time of the request for free food you consist divorced, provide to specialists of social service the document on divorce.

2. Address to accounts department in the place of work for obtaining the certificate of income in 3 months which precede month of the address. The spouse or the spouse has to provide the same reference. In the presence of the certificate on divorce it is necessary to provide the documents confirming the amount of alimentary payments.

3. If the head of the family doesn't work, he has to register at labor exchange or provide the documents confirming his disability. Take care of having an opportunity to prove temporary lack of work. Otherwise, representatives of social service will refuse issue of the reference giving the chance on receiving free food.

4. Learn where it is possible to receive the certificate of purpose of free food. Most often such documents give out in Committee on protection of motherhood and the childhood. In some regions they are issued in Service of one window.

5. After obtaining the reference address the local pediatrician. The doctor will give recipe on food according to age and needs of the kid. To children after 1 year of life, as a rule, don't write out a milk mix any more, and replace it with porridges.

6. With the recipe about purpose of food address in point of delivery of dry milk mixes and porridges. As a rule, they are located in children's policlinic at the place of residence.

7. At emergence of any problems with receiving food address the management of policlinic. Chief physicians are authorized to resolve all issues connected with delivery of a dry dairy products as it is carried out through a medical institution which they manage.

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