How to make tasty fried potato: advice to hostesses

How to make tasty fried potato: advice to hostesses

Fried potato is classics of a genre. And not all are capable to refuse a portion of potato with a ruddy crust. Today we will share with you secrets of preparation of tasty and fragrant potato.

Cunnings and councils for preparation of tasty fried potato

The first rule of preparation of fried potato - after cleaning wet potatoes in cold water to save it from starch. He prevents potato to become ruddy. The potato is younger, the it is more in it than starch therefore it is necessary to soak vegetables in water not less than an hour. Also it is obligatory to dry potato well - for this purpose it is possible to use a usual linen towel or paper. The land potato, the is more toasted a crust less splashes of oil.

For preparation of potatoes it isn't necessary to feel sorry for oil which, by the way has to be heated. If you worry that the final dish will turn out too fat, then take out potatoes a skimmer and let's oil flow down, and then already spread on a plate.

Skilled hostesses know what needs to be salted and peppered (as well as to add other spices) at the end of frying, but not at the beginning. Availability of salt also prevents formation of a seductive ruddy crust as excess of moisture and starch.

In order that potatoes turned out with a crisp - don't cover a frying pan. Also you shouldn't impose too many layers of potatoes. Optimum quantity - 2-3 layers.

If you the fan of juicy aromas, then try to use such cunning: before you fill up potatoes in the heated oil - roast in it several garlic gloves or a branch of rosemary.

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