Where in the Bible to read about an apocalypse

Where in the Bible to read about an apocalypse

Recently in many movies, telecasts, books it is possible to hear about such phenomenon as the Apocalypse. Differently it is represented to people, what is it: whether it is nuclear war, whether coming of aliens, whether still something. The ancient book Bibles contains information on this question.

What means the word "apocalypse"?

The latest bible book is called "Revelation". And "revelation" is the translation of the Greek word "apocalypse". Therefore it is reasonable that the book "Revelation" is also called the Apocalypse. Many think that the apocalypse is a nuclear war which completely will destroy life on the earth. Also in some dictionaries this word is defined as "doomsday". However, Greek "apocalypse" is generally asked as "opening" or "disclosure" to speak. For this reason the latest book of the Bible was called "Revelation". In it not just is narrated about doomsday, inevitable for mankind. In this book the divine truth about fine hope for the future is described and reveal.

Yes, really in the Scripture the apocalypse is described as war. But it is war of the Almighty God. And it will not resemble nuclear catastrophe or something it. Such accident means elimination of life, per se. But the bible book "Revelation" reports to believers that for war it will be: war of God with the evil and its consequences. All mankind will not be destroyed. Only those people who intentionally sin against God will undergo destruction and his authorities which create the evil oppose and commit excesses on the earth.

As to find the book "Revelation" in the Bible

In detail how there will take place the apocalypse that will precede it that it will be necessary to do to mankind, it is possible to read in the latest book Bibles. It is not difficult to find the book "Revelation" there. It is end of the Bible and therefore is in the end. It is rather simple to open the last pages of the Scripture.

In some translations of the Bible the translators placed "Revelation" not the last. That there were no difficulties by search, it is worth glancing in the table of contents and to find the page with which this part begins.

"Revelation" contains 22 chapters. This book was written by the favourite apostle of Jesus Christ – Ioann. Its writing was finished in the 98th year AD.

To read and understand the book "Revelation" from the first rather difficult, she is written in symbols. It is possible to look when reading this book in other sources which would help to catch its sense.

Short description of the book "Revelation"

In this book the happy apogee of all bible history is described. If to read the first book of the Bible in it it is told how the first people lost an opportunity to live in fine conditions on the earth. And in the latest bible book it is said that people will have such opportunity again. God very much wants us to be happy. Therefore at the very beginning of this book there are such words: "It is happy reading … the words of this prophecy".

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