Crab and armor

Crab and armor

The crab was born. He was little and seemed to himself absolutely defenseless, almost without knowing anything about that huge ocean in which he should live. He did not understand first that it is dangerous to it and that - no. And it had to adapt and study to survive.

However, it was not such difficult business. Over time the crab understood everything, at him, as well as at any living being, since the birth there were instincts which spoke to him where and how to get to themselves food where and when to hide to have a rest or escape from threats.

Soon he also understood that the nature very providently concerned to it and took care of its safety, having presented a remarkable armor: claws and armor. Thanks to them it could protect itself(himself) and not be afraid of predators.

However around there were many dangers, and the crab dreamed to grow quicker to become same big and sure as other adult crabs, and not to be very cautious continually.

But it had a serious problem. The small hair claw could grow only under one condition - having dumped the old narrow armor which did not allow it to become big and constrained its growth. It needed to take courage and not to be afraid to risk, having been left without the armor, such reliable and strong, but too rigid and close. Of course, it would have a new armor, more, but at first it would be soft and pliable that the little body of a crab could grow and get stronger in it. It would become same firm as old, but time for this purpose was required. So it is conceived by the nature and nothing can be done with it.

But it was too terrible to crab to lose the reliable protection. Therefore he everything hesitated to dump in any way an old armor which was such safe and habitual, though prevented it to grow. The little crab postponed this unpleasant event again and again, having passed at first one molt, and then the second, third... There was a time, and the hair claw did not grow up at all because the rigid armor limited its growth.

And there was a crab in a vicious circle - he was afraid to dump the armor because it was very small and weak, and small and weak it remained only because did not want to leave the strong cover which protected it. And if he dared to remove it and to do short time without the strong and firm armor, then could grow up.

Isn't that so, it happens sometimes to all? We need to overcome the doubts and indecision to become more successful, sure and strong. It is terrible to be vulnerable. And our way of life even if it hampers the personal growth, such habitual, cozy and safe, and it is so difficult to break and change its.

But only once having won against the uncertainty, we change and we change the life. We learn to solve the problems in a new way, it is more effective and is qualitative, and we do the world around ourselves such what we want to see it.

And often only the first step causes fear and it is so difficult to make it. But you remember - enough and this one step to become another, big and fine.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team