Arnold Schwarzenegger: body building - all this.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: body building - all this.

be successful in bodybuilding, you have to devote yourself for 100% to trainings, a diet and mental preparation – Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the most famous athletes of 1965-1980 says (awards - Mr. the World - 1 time, Mr. Vselennaya - 5 times, Mr. Olympia - 6 times).

One of ways, which can help the beginning bodybuilder – to choose to itself(himself) the suitable idol similar by growth and esthetic bents. Reg Park who possessed perfectly put muscles and improbable force became my idol. I got all photos and magazines with its images and just hanged out them about the room.

Quite so I could also motivate the abilities because there was a purpose to which I aspired and tried to obtain. It could add to me additional forces when they were on an outcome. This turning point meets quite often when you carry out not usual repetitions and weight, and pass their sizes.

The body building is a work for the man who creates the body, participates in various competitions and even just came to the hall to tighten a belt, to expand shoulders, to be more harmonious. Each occupation brings into tension of each your muscle that it is impossible to tell about other sports where many muscles and remain untouched. These words are not told in the bad party of other sports meets, of course, is not present, just the bodybuilding can mention all organism completely, from beginning to end.

And if you train, direct all the efforts, then I promise that through quite small term you will feel much better. Your endurance, flexibility, force, dexterity will increase. Work on yourself, remember pain which arises after various exercises. Connect it with a certain group of muscles, concentrate attention on it, study each nuance. And you will achieve the objectives.

Never lose control, do not think of weight, think of muscles, of process which happens now. Do not use brute physical force, it is necessary to learn to listen to the organism, to smoothly carry out amplitudes of the movement.

Each body has a group of muscles most of which quickly is exposed to development, giving pleasure to the athlete. For me it was the training of bicepses which I carried out carefully and smoothly. However tricepses always hindered for me, but I was not able to afford to miss their development and therefore I trained with for what this group of muscles was the most favourite. Looking on the weight which they raised, I at once sought to carry out them also, without lagging behind on kilogram.

And one of the main factors is our sincere spirit. It cannot be received, it is impossible to imagine, we walk with it together. Never you come to gym if you have a bad mood or strong laziness. It is necessary to work with inspiration – then you will be able to control the body, to strengthen spirit and to find a set of motivations to step over one more step to a victory.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team