Exercises for a back with dumbbells

Exercises for a back with dumbbells

The trained muscles of a back perform a number of important functions. First, they support a backbone in direct situation. Secondly, the strong muscular corset saves from various injuries. Thirdly, the pumped-over back does a body proportional. To achieve result, connect physical activity to healthy nutrition. Exercises for a back with dumbbells it is possible to carry out houses at any time. Regular trainings will allow to make muscles strong, elastic and relief.

How to pump up a back dumbbells in house conditions?

To save itself from injuries and to make a complex the most effective, it is necessary to conform to the existing rules and recommendations. As many people feel constant back pains before passing to performance of exercises not to aggravate a problem, it is worth consulting with the doctor.

Rules of a training for a back:

  1. One occupation should not last more than 40 min. Beginners are recommended to begin from 15 min. and gradually increasing time till the determined period.
  2. It is impossible to load muscles every day as also they need rest and restoration. 3-4 times a week are the best of all to train.
  3. It is recommended to alternate exercises to dumbbells for back muscles with gymnastics that will allow to strengthen muscles.
  4. To begin to carry out a complex it is necessary from warm-up to prepare a back for loading. It is important for reduction of risk of getting injured.
  5. Technology of performance as any mistakes can have serious consequences is of great importance.
  6. It is recommended to carry out exercises in several approaches till 10-15 times.

Now we will pass to exercises with dumbbells for strengthening of muscles of a back which can be included in the complex.

  1. Draft one hand. To carry out this exercise, the plain horizontal surface is necessary. Put the right leg on a bench, having bent it in a knee and also rest against it a hand. You hold a dumbbell in other hand, having lowered it down. It is important to hold a back equal. A task – tighten a dumbbell to a breast, directing an elbow back, and then, lower a hand down. Execute exercise and other hand.
  2. Draft in an inclination. This exercise with dumbbells on the broadest muscles of a back is carried out from a standing position. – costing SP directly, bend slightly knees and take dumbbells, holding them before themselves. Still it is necessary to bend so that the back was equal and parallel to a floor. A task – lift dumbbells to a belt, at the same time directing elbows back. Having recorded situation, return to SP. It is important to carry out exercise slowly.
  3. Stanovy draft. SP – get up directly, and then, incline the case to that level as it will become a parallel floor. You hold dumbbells in hand direct hold. In case for a training the average or big weight is used, then it is better to take dumbbells from a sitting position. It is important to hold a back equal as any flexures are dangerous. When performing this exercise with dumbbells for a back for men the straight line needs to hold the head, having directed a look before itself. A task – on an exhalation get up, having completely straightened a body that it was equal. Hands have to be in direct situation constantly. After that carry out an inclination on a breath, at the same time bending legs in knees a little and putting aside a basin back. Dumbbells have to move on one trajectory close to a body, kind of sliding.
  4. Thirst of dumbbells for a chin. SP – take dumbbells the ordinary successful fellow, that is that palms were directed down. It is necessary to bend a few legs in knees and to incline a torso slightly forward. A task – slowly raise dumbbells to shoulder height. At the same time elbows need to be directed up and they have to be above brushes. After that lower hands and repeat everything at first.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team