Exercises for straightening of a bearing

Exercises for straightening of a bearing

It is known that the correct posture is not only beautiful body, but also excellent health. Besides of the guy with a direct back, the straightened shoulders will be lost in contemplation much more girls, than of the round-shouldered young man. For straightening of a bearing it is not necessary to spend money for various belts, there are enough exercises bringing result is not worse than back proofreaders at all. At the same time it is important to carry out them even after achievement of desirable result.

Exercises for straightening of a bearing in house conditions

  1. "Onions". To lay down on a stomach, to bend knees. Having made a breath, to clasp with anklebone hands. Through sharp movements it is necessary to raise as much as possible a body from a floor. Try that legs were higher than the level of the head. It is important not to forget to hold the breath during rockings back-forward. To repeat exercise of 5-6 times.
  2. "Rifts and balancing". The following will become not less important training exercise for correction of a bearing: to sit down on a floor, a foot to reduce together, to clasp with hands anklebones. Further the chin is put on knees. The back at the same time needs to be held straightened. Tearing off buttocks from a floor, to cast away the case back and to return to initial situation. To repeat 10 times.
  3. "Cobra". To lay down on a stomach. To lean on hands, having raised, thus, a trunk. The head leans back back. Try to be late in this situation several seconds, feel how back muscles strain. Then it is necessary to bend to the left, again to cave in back and now to make turn to the right.
  4. "Triangle". To rise, place legs most widely. To take hands to the parties, having lowered palms down. To bend slowly to the right. To be late in this situation about 5 minutes, seeking to feel tension in each muscle. To reach a starting position and to do the same with other party.
  5. "The stretching cat". This exercise will help to relax a few back muscles, will give them a small break. So to kneel, having set palms against a floor. Legs at shoulder length. To make a breath – to bend a back, having extended a chin forward, and then - up. Further – an exhalation, at the same time we round a back and we tighten a chin to a breast.
  6. "Grasshopper". To lay down on a stomach. Legs together. To strain buttocks. To close hands in the lock behind the back. We lift the case and we try to tear off a thorax from a floor. You seek to be late in it situation for 30 seconds, straining at the same time back muscles. This effective exercise especially is suitable for correction of a bearing to those who for all day are in a sitting position.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team