For what do men need folic acid?

For what do men need folic acid?

That to women who want to become pregnant often prescribe this medicine, know many, and here for what men need folic acid, not everyone knows. But, according to experts, this substance is necessary not only to future mothers, but also guys. Therefore let's understand, than folic acid is useful to men and when doctors recommend it to accept.

Advantage of folic acid for men

The second name of this substance B9 vitamin and it makes salutary impact on several systems of a human body. First, B9 vitamin influences exchange processes, it is often appointed to those people whose metabolism is slowed down. Secondly, folic acid promotes blood formation improvement, and this function plays a huge role, at blood loss depends on composition of blood and speed of restoration of its volume, all other bodies and the systems of a human body will work how well. Thirdly, B9 vitamin participates in protein synthesis, so, has considerable impact on a condition of fibers of nervous tissue, And, at last, this vitamin is capable to increase quantity and quality of spermatozoa therefore folic acid for men when planning conception is necessary not less, than to women. Because of influence of various negative factors, the quality of spermatozoa and their quantity can strongly decrease even at the healthy young guy, B9 vitamin helps to fix this problem quickly.

According to numerous researches, the lack of B9 vitamin provokes emergence of a large number of defective spermatozoa which not are capable to fertilization, thus, for conception at a lack of folic acid for the man will the special medicine capable almost completely to fix a similar problem is appointed. If the married couple cannot conceive the child for a long time, the man should undergo special inspection which will reveal percent of defective spermatozoa. In case their quantity exceeds norm, the doctor will register intake of B9 vitamin which is an effective remedy of disposal of this problem. Intake of folic acid several times increases chances of the man to become the father of the healthy child.

By the way, intake of this substance will also reduce risk of a heart attack and stroke, B9 vitamin will make walls of vessels more elastic.

Dosage of folic acid for men

This medicine is produced in packing on 50 and 100 tablets, as a rule, irrespective of packing volume each capsule contains 1 mg of B9 vitamin, but nevertheless better attentively look at the summary to means. In most cases, the doctor scribbles to accept once a day one capsule, that is 1 mg of folic acid though it is assumed that the norm can be increased to 5 mg. Exactly, as well as increase or reduction of a dosage only the expert can accept the decision on intake of medicine therefore do not self-medicate, visit the doctor who will define need of passing of a course of treatment.

Folic acid contains in such products as spinach, green onions, pumpkin, carrots and an asparagus therefore if you want to increase its level independently and without fear to do harm to an organism, eat the listed vegetables and greens.

Also It should be noted that decrease in level of B9 vitamin in an organism can arise against the background of intake of some drugs, for example, such as biseptol or aspirin. During treatment given by medicines doctors recommend to eat the listed above products, it will help an organism to be restored quicker.

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