How to become the real man?

How to become the real man?

Such question is asked to themselves by many: boys, young men and even adult men that is often inspired by representatives (and at all, notice, not representatives) an opposite sex. The answer – not a secret: yes just to be it. Of course, for this purpose it is necessary to learn to bring up itself.

What it, real man?

In the western culture in various near-psychological articles (most often written again by women) the set of opinions on this subject sounds, polemic does not stop, the question causes the most live controversy, discussions and collisions of opinions. In various east, Asian and also more natural if not to tell, primitive, African and Latin American cultures the situation is, to some extent, easier.

And so, if you ask women about signs and the main qualities of the real man and especially about what he has to be able to do … Oh … Here, only begin to ask about it women – they will tell you a lot of anything interesting and not really, necessary and superfluous, ridiculous and quite trite, pragmatical and enthusiastic and hysterical. Each woman has the opinion, and it is normal.

If, proceeding from the general analysis of these statements to try to make and present more or less integral image, the so-called, real man, the model of a human male who definitely does not meet in the nature will turn out. And who does not trust, let will try to read books "Gone with the Wind", "The Thorn Birds" or modern "50 shades …". It is necessary to warn, however, men that it quite and more than not men's reading, and therefore can begin some really real men, "feel sick" to put it mildly.

Still there are female magazines, the female websites and female transfers as a result of acquaintance to which, representations of some women often look quite shablonno and rather doubtfully. And by the way, it would also be unknown, women could live with these "men of the dream". Of course, it is impossible to tell that the flow of information on men proceeding from women (it is very specific organized), does not contain rational grains. And men and women are, first of all, representatives of one look, and still – people.

About it give and we will remember first of all. Let's for a start, try to be in independence of a floor decent people – we live in society. And still there is a wish to remind of one known principle: "You do not judge, and you will not be judged".

Behavior of the real man

It is necessary to explain that category "real man" – moral and ethical, and the colloquial expression "the real man" bearing emotional and estimated sense is characteristic of some representatives of low social groups, and these concepts are not identical. In any case, not always these most "real men" behave as real men. Any normally well-mannered and intelligent person understands it.

And so, the real man is distinguished, first of all, by his behavior. In other words, the man is defined by an act and, of course, its attitude towards representatives of an opposite sex and children. In relation to children, girls and boys and also girls, women and grandmothers the real man has to be kind, first of all, and sometimes and is indulgent.

It is necessary to be able to forgive, well or to study it. It does not mean that it is necessary to tolerate, it is impossible to trust the woman everything and to devote her in everything. "Be silent, disappear and conceal …" – as the classic, otherwise, information which you entrusted told, it can be used against you. It does not mean that women cannot be trusted, just it is necessary to distinguish trust from feeling of a normal distance in the human relations. The distance cannot be a constant. Such "dance" is normal for the relation of people in general and furthermore – different floors. That is to be on friendly terms and interact with the woman it is necessary to study all life.

Certainly, the real man has to have still some main important qualities from which it is possible to distinguish strength of mind, commitment and persistence, determination, ability to undertake a certain share of responsibility, ability to be responsible for told and to carry out promised, ability to control itself, ability to be a friend, ability to keep a secret. Still it is necessary to be able to be reserved and to seek for self-development.

And still it is necessary to try to be clever and to understand that, perhaps, you as the most real man should not nothing anybody at all. It is necessary to be able to be exempted from influence of others opinions, to develop and work contrary to them, and sometimes – and counter to destiny.

And main thing: tranquility – and your bristle will turn into gold.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team