How to cease to burr?

How to cease to burr?

Problems with the speech meet both at children, and at adults. One of the most widespread problems – complexity with pronunciation of a sound "р". Many simply replace it with the letters "l" or "k", some just swallow "р". How to cease to burr, each logopedist knows, but this problem can be solved and independently.

Why people burr?

On scientific this defect is called "dislaliya", actually it is problems with pronunciation of sounds. Causes a little:

  1. Mechanical reason, the most widespread. Dislaliya in this case arises because of the wrong bite, a hard palate in the form of a dome, a giperdontiya and other mistakes in development of bodies of the articulation device.
  2. The acoustic reason is when the child or the adult misinterpret sounds in the context of the speech, confuse similar sounds.
  3. The reason imitative is when the child who is constantly hearing incorrectly said sounds (from parents, relatives), imitates it.
  4. At a neurologic dislalia pathologies of sites of a brain which provide the speech are guilty.
  5. Dislaliya functional arises when muscles of organs of articulation are too weak, or the language bridle is short.

How to be disaccustomed to burr?

Kartavost – a disease not dangerous, it does not do harm to health. However can seriously do much harm, prevent career, contribute to the development of diffidence. For this reason the duty of parents is to begin in time to work with this problem, having noticed difficulties with the speech at the son or the daughter. The most suitable age for the address to the logopedist – five-six years.

The adult experiencing difficulties with the letter "r" is capable to help himself. How to cease to burr to the adult or the child, the experienced logopedist knows. He will define why there was this problem, will show how it is correct to carry out effective exercises. Sometimes it is possible to solve a problem only by means of surgery (when the dislaliya arose because of the wrong development of bodies). It is possible to correct a kartavost at any age, however efforts it is necessary to put much.

Many ask a question how quickly to cease to burr. However quickly it is impossible to correct this defect, the speech will improve only several months of persistent work later. It is necessary to be engaged at least on half an hour in day. The burring person will have to take courage and to carry out exercises every day, it is the best of all to do their houses, in front of the mirror.

How to cease to burr - exercises

There are several preparatory exercises, everyone should give at least two minutes:

  • stretch lips as if saying sounds "at" and "and", widely opening a mouth;
  • you drive language to the left and to the right, having closed at the same time a mouth;
  • diligently reach language the top and lower sky;
  • having widely opened a mouth, strong press a language tip to the top sky, hold it there for couple of seconds, then lower it down and relax;
  • now press language to the top sky, but not a tip, and whenever possible all surface, detain him too there, then relax.

These exercises strengthen muscles of organs of articulation, do language to more flexible, and are good preparation for the main, more effective exercises. They need to be carried out after above-mentioned warm-up. Here they:

  1. Lift language up and knock with a tip on a hillock behind teeth, saying thus "д". Now try to add to this sound "р". It is necessary to try to simulate a roar of the dyrrrr motor. Having repeated a sound five times, remove "д" and leave "рррр".
  2. Now widely open a mouth, you hold the lower jaw with fingers, and language lick an upper lip, minutes five. Further it is necessary to open widely a mouth, to lay language on a lower lip and to speak "ф", releasing outside a narrow air stream.
  3. It is also necessary to repeat every day on several tongue twisters, containing a sound "р". But if in a month you do not see any progress, it is necessary to see a doctor, perhaps, only it will be able to help you.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team