How to choose doors to the bathroom and a toilet?

How to choose doors to the bathroom and a toilet?

For the person who does repair in a bathroom it is very important to know how to choose doors to the bathroom and a toilet. These rooms often are affected by moisture which is capable to destroy some materials. Not to face that already in half a year after repair it is necessary to establish anew doors it is necessary to stop initially the choice on those models which are suitable for damp rooms.

What doors to choose for the bathroom and a toilet?

Experts recommend to pay attention both to laminated, and to shponirovanny doors. The main thing that it is necessary to consider, this quality of the layer (laminate or an interline interval). There are several rules which should be known before choosing a door to the bathroom or a toilet.

First, pay attention to thickness of a layer of an interline interval or laminate. What it will be thicker, it is better for those. If the layer makes only 1-3 mm, then the probability that it will collapse from humidity is high. Both the artificial film, and a natural interline interval can absorb water, and steam, especially, will perniciously affect a covering. Thicker layer will collapse more slowly.

Secondly, pay attention to an artificial film if nevertheless decide to stop on the laminated model. It should not be paper. If as an artificial covering the thin laminated paper is used, then the door will not be suitable for a bathroom.

And, at last, learn of what breed of a tree the interline interval is made if you choose a similar door. For example, expensive breeds of a tree are seldom advised to subject to influence of wet vapor.

How it is correct to choose a door to the bathroom?

Earlier, it was already described what to pay attention when choosing a door cloth for bathrooms to. But it is necessary to tell about the bathroom nevertheless slightly in more detail. Humidity level there higher, than in a toilet. And people quite often make mistakes at acquisition of a door to the bathroom.

For example, experts recommend to process a door from solid pine if you stopped the choice on it, is delicious. Such covering will ensure long time of operation of a cloth and its safety within not one decade.

When choosing of the laminated door, specify water resistance of a covering and the damp environment. As a rule, such door cloths are expensive, but the model of poor quality will quickly become useless.

And here if you think what shponirovanny door to choose for the bathroom, then it is important to know that experts do not recommend them to establish at all in damp rooms where temperature condition constantly changes. Or be ready to what service life of a similar cloth seldom exceeds 5-6 years.

How to choose a glass door to the bathroom and a toilet?

Of course, it is quite atypical option, but nevertheless and it now often meets in houses and apartments. When choosing a similar door cloth, it is important to understand that such models can be completely transparent, partially transparent and completely not transparent. Only the last two options will be suitable for installation in a bathroom. They are made of matirovanny or partially matirovanny glass which completely ensures "safety" from foreign views being in the person.

Such doors do not collapse under the influence of moisture and a temperature difference, have very unusual design, but at the same time are less resistant to mechanical damages. Often they have milling or are decorated with decorative elements which do each model practically by the work of art. Therefore they really originally and stylish look in the apartment or the house.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team