How to choose sneakers for volleyball?

How to choose sneakers for volleyball?

The volleyball is a dynamic game where players quickly move across the field. At such active sport it is necessary to have correctly picked up footwear not to cause to joints of serious injuries. And there is a question how to choose sneakers for volleyball and to understand that suit the specific person.

At the time of the game of foot of the athlete perform two most important functions – a jump and depreciation. At the same time the main loading goes on a heel and a sock. These features are taken into account by producers of special volleyball sneakers, it is necessary to find the best of them only.

How to choose volleyball sneakers?

Buying such sports shoes it is necessary to pay, first of all, attention to a sole and to the top part. Many prefer the easy models made of the "breathing" material. Often the top of such footwear has a grid which well passes air at heavy traffics. For strong fixing of a leg it is necessary to select sneakers with soft foam laying which is located in the field of an ankle.

It is necessary to pay attention to a sole. The best sneakers for volleyball are those which sole is made of the blank or carbon rubber, rubber. Only carbon rubber will be suitable for playing volleyball on the street.

Visually to define whether it is worth spending time for fitting, it is necessary to examine a sole form. In a heel she has to be a little more fat, than in a sock. The protector which is filled with air or gel has the form reminding a fir-tree. If to speak about what sneakers it is better to choose for volleyball, then it is worth looking narrowly more carefully at footwear with a rigid sole as it will reduce the probability of lecture of injuries. The rigid sole is good the fact that it practically does not slide that is very good when the athlete lands.

And in general, to understand that footwear really "that", it is necessary to try on it.



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