How to choose the blender?

How to choose the blender?

Many people admit that with the advent of the blender the process of preparation of many dishes considerably became simpler. On counters of shops it is possible to find the huge range of the similar equipment which has essential differences. Not to make the wrong choice, it is worth understanding advantages and shortcomings of the most popular models.

What is better to choose the blender submersible or stationary?

The blender which has a glass or a jug where knives are located is called stationary or classical. Ingredients for crushing plunge into capacity, then the special button turns on and the equipment performs the direct function. As for the submersible blender, it is possible to crush products not only in a special glass, but also in other tanks. Everything depends on a design as they are both tame, and stationary. The blender consists of the handle with buttons and an oblong part at the end of which there are knives.

As it is correct to choose the blender for the house – key indicators:

  1. The most important aspect which directly influences what products can be crushed by means of the blender. Experts recommend to stop the choice on options with power at least 700 W. In that case you will be able not only to make cocktail, but also to crush meat and to knead dough.
  2. Speed of rotation of knives. The minimum value of this indicator – 5. If you like to spend time in kitchen and often cook different dishes, then it is the best of all to choose the blender with seven speeds as such assistant will have more opportunities. Some the producer supply the equipment with different additional counters, for example, turborezhimy. With its help it is possible to shake up easily cream before formation of air mass or to make the most delicate puree. One more popular addition – the pulse mode which extent of rotation of knives allows manually, to increase by stronger pressing the button.
  3. Understanding how to choose the submersible or stationary blender, it is worth specifying shortcomings and advantages of network and accumulator options. The main plus of the equipment which works from the accumulator is that it is possible to use it not only houses in kitchen, but also to take on the nature, and still it will help out in case suddenly switch off electricity. But It is necessary to tell that such equipment more massivn and has time limits on work.
  4. To understand how to choose the manual blender, it should be taken into account very important indicator – material of which a submersible part is made. Producers represent options from plastic and metal. If you want the kitchen assistant to work not one year, then it is better not to save and buy the blender at which a submersible part is made of stainless steel. The similar equipment can work both with cold, and with hot products that is not able to afford plasticity. On products from plastic it is worth stopping the choice only if the blender it is necessary only for preparation of cocktails.

As it is correct to choose the blender – an additional complete set

Many producers try to please the buyers therefore use additional functions which help to simplify work in kitchen. For example, practically all models are complemented today with a nimbus which allows to shake up cream, eggs, etc. The nozzle hook is intended for preparation of the ideal test. There is a special nozzle which helps to make ideal puree without uniform lump. Finding out how to choose the submersible blender, It is necessary to tell about convenient adaptation thanks to which it is possible to fix assistant to a wall that will allow to save the place on kitchen.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team