How to clean the computer keyboard?

How to clean the computer keyboard?

In our computer century for many people the keyboard is one of the main working tools. Behind the keyboard (to be exact over it) many of us both have breakfast and have dinner and have supper and have tea, and preen feathers on a face – brush the hair and painted, some even sleep on it. Thereof the keyboard quickly becomes soiled both on the surface of buttons, and at their basis. The dirty keyboard – it not only is not esthetic, but also delivers an array of problems when using, keys can stick to fingers, sink down or not be pressed at all.

It is naturally possible just to buy the new device and to fix, thus, these problems. But an optimal variant will be to learn how to clean the keyboard of the computer and to do it in process of pollution.

How it is correct to clean the computer keyboard?

Quickly wet spirit towel wipes and Q-tips will help to clean the keyboard from dust. Just you disconnect the keyboard from the computer and quietly you wipe buttons, you can remove with sticks dirt from sides of keys. This way approaches only if your keyboard is not strongly polluted.

If you accidentally spilled coffee or tea on the keyboard, then in this case more careful cleaning is required. But how to be if the laptop keyboard was not lucky?

How to clean the filled-in laptop keyboard?

If you the experienced user, then can disassemble the keyboard and it is good to wipe at first damp and then a dry rag all details. If you are not confident that you will be able correctly to bring together anew her, then as you option, can get (in online store or in computer salon) special sticky weight (similar to a children's toy slime), it gets into all cracks of the keyboard and collects on itself all dirt.

As well as than it is better to clean to clean the computer keyboard inside?

It is possible to clean the computer keyboard usual house accessories and tools, such as screw-driver, toothbrush, Q-tip, towel and any capacity.

Take the small screw-driver, roll up a screw-driver tip an insulating tape (not to damage plasticity) and accurately hook a keyboard key. In order that the key left a groove, it is necessary to make the small effort by the screw-driver directed up. Be careful with such keys as Enter, Shift, Space (gap) – they are attached still in addition on iron brackets. When you put them back, at first the bracket has to enter button grooves, then in grooves of the basis of the keyboard and only after that it is possible to insert the button into the basis, having pressed it with small effort. It is possible to clean buttons on the keyboard as manually, and an automatic way.

After you pulled out all buttons from grooves, put them in bank with warm soap water, shake and leave for 20-30 minutes, after that once again shake and wash with clear water. Or just put buttons in a sack and throw in the washing machine on the mode of careful washing.

After the water procedures of the button of the keyboard it is necessary to dry well. Put them on a towel at several o'clock, after that finish drying by means of the hair dryer.

As cleaning of keys from pollution does not mean completely to clean the computer keyboard, it is necessary for you by means of Q-tips, small slightly damp rag and a toothbrush to clean the keyboard basis.

After all these simple, but enough long manipulations it is possible to insert buttons back on the places. If you do not know exact arrangement of each key, then reasonably will be to make a photo of the keyboard or to write down their arrangement on paper.

And as well as than still it is possible to clean the keyboard?

For cleaning of the keyboard you can also use a barrel with air to blow all crumbs and dust, having blown the ordinary vacuum cleaner working on, the USB vacuum cleaner which is specially intended for cleaning of the keyboard or just to turn the keyboard and to shake or knock accurately with it about a table.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team