How to clean the USB stick from viruses?

How to clean the USB stick from viruses?

Presently there are various devices for storage of text and other files. For example, the USB store of removable type which is often used by people. USB sticks often use, they are convenient and compact. But, unfortunately, when saving files on them there is always a danger to pick up the malicious application therefore each person should know how to clean the USB stick from viruses. Besides this process is very simple.

How to clean the USB stick from viruses?

For a start we will discuss what to be necessary for this process. It will be necessary to find the computer with the protection against viruses established on it. Be by all means convinced that the protection program is licensed, and the term of its service did not come to an end. All this that needs to be had for elimination of virus programs on the USB store of removable type.

If the anti-virus software was not updated long ago, then it will be able not to distinguish a virus. Therefore, look at date of the made changes. In case of need update the program. It should be made before you are going to clean the zavirusovanny USB stick.

Now we connect the removable USB store to the computer. It should be noted that depending on the antivirus software, check of safety of the device can begin either independently, or forcibly. Therefore wait several minutes. If on the screen of the computer the plate with informing on the beginning of check is not highlighted, then it will be necessary to make still some actions before cleaning the USB stick.

So, the program independently was not started. Open My computer, you find an icon of the USB store of removable type and click the right mouse button. From the appeared list, choose To check the chosen files with the help … and press the name available on the laptop or the computer of anti-virus providing.

Everything, it is necessary only to wait now until protective providing finds malicious applications.

How completely to clean the USB stick from viruses?

So, if malicious applications are found, you will see the information plate on the screen. The antivirus software will suggest you to treat or remove a virus. Press either that, or other button. Both ways are rather good and are applied depending on type of a virus and opportunities of protective providing.

Remember that harmful software products can strike any device. Surely clean USB sticks at least once in a month.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team