How to purify alcohol in house conditions?

How to purify alcohol in house conditions?

Quite often the people who are engaged in preparation of alcohol-containing drinks of the house have a question how to purify alcohol in house conditions. There are several effective and effective ways thanks to which it is possible to achieve almost ideal result. It should be taken into account methods of how to purify alcohol.

How to purify alcohol with activated carbon?

Such way is considered very popular. Coal promotes absorption in itself an unpleasant smell, thereby helping to absorb impurity. Such way is one of readily available as coal is on sale in drugstore or it can be got in shop. It is recommended to give preference to birch coal as it yields the best result. Way: to fill up coal in a pan, istoloch and to fill in with vodka in the ratio 50 g: 1 l. Such mix has to infuse about seven days, periodically it needs to be stirred. Then drink can be filtered. To improve result it is necessary to repeat the procedure several times, having replaced coal with fresh.

How to purify alcohol with potassium permanganate?

By means of potassium permanganate it is also possible to purify alcohol most. For this purpose it is necessary to add 2 grams of potassium permanganate to 1 liter of moonshine, to stir and leave for 10 hours. After acquisition by drink of light color and loss of a deposit it is possible to filter mix.

How to purify alcohol with milk?

One more good way of purification of alcohol is cleaning with milk. From alcohol influence milk is displaced, thereby absorbing in itself harmful particles, there is a loss of a deposit. Further drink needs to be filtered. With a similar way alcohol and by means of egg white is purified.

Some more useful ways of cleaning

  1. In a question how to purify alcohol from fusel oils and harmful impurity usual baking soda will help. Moonshine contains acetic acid which can be neutralized at addition of soda in drink. On one liter of alcohol it is necessary to take about 1 gram of soda (on a knife tip).
  2. Alcohol can be purified with black bread. Fusel oils are absorbed in a product that promotes clarification of alcohol and obtaining pleasant aroma.
  3. Not less effective way of clarification is the vymorazhivaniye. When fusel oils freeze, they are attached to capacity walls, leaving pure alcohol. It is only necessary to pour it in other vessel.

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