How to develop reaction?

How to develop reaction?

In the modern world where speed has a principal value, the people who slowly react to the taking place events risk to be late for a life holiday. Employers prefer to recruit fast and vigorous employees in the companies, and the businessmen who are quickly reacting to market changes always are more successful, than slow and slow. Even having appeared in the dark lane with criminals of people, possessing good reaction, has more chances to keep health and the property. Whatever one may do, reaction in our life is of great importance. But how to gather reaction speed, that who does not possess it? For this purpose there are different ways.

How to develop speed of reaction?

The mentality of the person is responsible for reaction to external irritants. And before beginning to develop it, it is necessary to learn to control the emotions. One of the strongest emotions is the fear. He cannot be moved away absolutely, but it is possible to learn to suppress him. The most effective way to win against the fear is to meet requirements of him. Not without reason speak – if you are afraid of something, then it must be done first of all. However happens so that the irritant appears suddenly, and frightens us before we manage to understand something.

How to develop good reaction to frightening sounds and to cease to shudder? For this purpose it is necessary to train constantly. For example, ask about the help of the friends and relatives. When you least of all expect it, they will have to make loud, frightening sounds. For them it will turn into a fascinating game, and you will cease to react to similar irritants over time and will manage to keep self-control.

One more question which is often concerning people – how to develop fast reaction in stressful situations? In development of this skill better computer or team games not bad will approach. For example, soccer and or volleyball perfectly help to develop instant assessment of the situation and to make decisions for shares of seconds. Some exercises can easily be carried out also in house conditions.

How to develop reaction of the house and in everyday situations?

The first council recommended by psychologists are exercises in the oral account. For example, making any purchase, count in mind what sum you have to give to the seller. It will allow not only to gather reaction speed, but also to improve memory. It is also possible to ask family or friends to help with a home training of reaction of sense organs to various irritants. For this purpose it is necessary on any signal to answer with any action: to rise on click of fingers, at a nod of the head to stamp a leg, at touch of the person to a nose to shift a subject from one place to another. However, is best of all for you special exercises for each sense organ separately can.

The exercises developing reaction

Having asked a question how quickly to develop reaction, you, first of all, have to imagine your reciprocal option on an irritant what specific action you will perform. The main objective is to provide a variety of movements and to involve as much as possible muscles. The main thing is a simplicity of movements, from usual percussion by a finger before squats and acceptance of an emphasis lying. It will help you to bring your reaction to automatism, practically to reflex level. Also important that your response was suitable in real life. For example, it is sound shots better to learn to jump aside, or to fall on a stomach, than to knock a finger on a table. Begin with simple exercises, gradually trying more difficult combinations "incentive reaction". It is the best of all to hold trainings with the workmate or the trainer, and several rivals. The spirit of the competition will allow you quicker to learn to react to an irritant in the complicated conditions. The complex includes exercises on a training of reaction of hearing, touch and sight.

  1. Training of reaction to hearing. The perceived signal has to be accurately expressed. It can be knock, click, or any other sound which could frighten you ever. You should not see a sound source. It is better to sit to it a back. Using similar exercise every day, you learn to react correctly and quickly to any sounds.
  2. Touch training. It is the best of all to train with the closed or tied with a scarf eyes if you want to develop sensitivity of hands. If you wish to work exercises on safety, then your trainer has to be behind the back. Options of exercises:
  • trained sits on a chair blindfold holding hands at shoulder length before himself. At each accidental and unexpected touch of the trainer it is necessary to clap before himself, over the head or behind the back. The interval between touch and cotton, the better is less;
  • the trainer is behind the back and touches with a hand a shoulder of trained. At everyone touch it is necessary to turn and accept a fighting rack, or to sit down or jump forward or aside.
  1. Sight training. Through sight of people obtains up to 90% of all information. Therefore it is important that the brain was able to react in any situation and to eliminate an unnecessary irritant. Options of exercises:
  • the trainer shows various objects because of a screen. A task trained to react only to those objects which are stipulated in advance. Gradually the speed of change of the objects appearing from behind a screen can be increased;
  • the trainer drives a usual student ruler into the corner. Trained keeps a thumb in centimeter over a ruler approximately in its middle. As soon as the trainer releases a ruler and that will begin to fall, it is necessary to manage to press it a thumb. The less the ruler the better reaction speed will fly by down.

Developing the reaction, do not forget to think of where this reaction is useful to you. Reciprocal signals on irritants have to be adequate and convenient for you. Using these exercises, you are convinced soon that your reaction to the world around became much quicker, and you gained more self-confidence.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team