How to teach the baby to sleep all night long

How to teach the baby to sleep all night long

Perhaps, the most important dream of all parents, besides good appetite of the child, is the sound and healthy sleep of their favourite baby. But many families do not manage to reach that their kid slept at least more than five hours in a night, not to mention a dream for all night.


1. First of all think of the way of life, analyze a manner of communication and behavior in society, in particular at the child. It concerns fans to talk with voices raised. Reconsider completely the former habits and foundations and create the atmosphere of a cosiness and tranquility in the house. Try not to pour out in presence of the kid at each other of negative emotions, subsequently the child will be restless and whimsical, constantly waking up in the middle of the night with disturbing crying. And you with an astonished face will ask each other ""In what business? The kid is fed and he does not need to change diapers"".

2. The second mistake of many mothers is too early refusal of feeding of the kid a breast. They cannot imagine how they limit to it the kid not only in the vital minerals and vitamins which will help it to grow and gain strength, but also deprive of it attention. Therefore try to continue breastfeeding as long as possible. When mother every time before going to bed feeds the kid, it develops a certain habit which gives a signal at the subconscious level that it is time for it to fill up. Feeding by a breast is some kind of "sleeping pill" for the baby. As a rule, children of those mothers who were nursed sleep much more quietly than those children who were deprived of it.

3. Well and, of course, the day regimen is very important for the child. Develop it since the birth. Accustom the kid by the certain o'clock allotted for a dream and hours which are allotted on food, a game, bathing and other necessary procedures. At the baby reflexes which to him will help to be guided throughout the day will be developed, he will be more balanced and happy and therefore will feel in the afternoon more vigorously. And you will get enough sleep at night.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team