Cosmetics for newborns

Cosmetics for newborns

Skin of children differs in special sensitivity, and only the qualitative, competently picked up means of hygiene will help to keep its natural smoothness and tenderness. It is especially important to choose correctly cosmetics for newborns whose skin requires the most delicate and careful care.

Soap, gel and shampoo

For bathing of newborns use of solid soap because of contents in it an alkaline basis is not recommended. Alkali which is a part of such means can do harm to skin of the kid, having caused excessive dryness, peeling and reddening. It is better to make a choice for liquid soap or cream-soap with a neutral indicator of pH. It perfectly will be suitable both for a podmyvaniye of the kid, and for acceptance of a bathtub.

Fortunately, now on counters it is possible to find a set of various goods. The choice of special children's means of hygiene, such as gels and skins, is also very big. Therefore to choose suitable cosmetics for the newborn will not make big work. It is necessary to prefer as the children's skins and gels produced on the basis of the surfactants (S). Alkaline components are not a part of such means, thanks to it when bathing eyes are not irritated mucous, the correct water-in-oil balance of skin remains and also that the most important, there is no its peresushivaniye. It agrees, to the recommendations of dermatologists, optimum use of similar detergents is possible with frequency one-two times a week.

Use of means "2 in 1" in which possibilities of gel for a body and hair shampoo are combined will become a great find for mummies. It is worth remembering that all used gels have to not only purify leather from pollution, but also take high-quality care for it, doing it soft and elastic. When using children's shampoo, do not forget that at babies the top epithelial layer of skin is just formed. At the expense of it, a volosika and the kid still weaker, than at the adult, and head skin can easily be exposed to different irritations. Not to do much harm to the baby, means for washing of the head should be selected very carefully. It is the best of all if it is specialized children's shampoo. It does not contain the harmful, irritating components and actively protects head skin of the kid. It is necessary to use it 2-3 times a week.

Cream for kids

Children's cream for the child has to be qualitative, actively humidify and nourish skin and also prevent inflammation, peeling or irritation. It is more preferable to take two forms of cream: in the form of an emulsion in which the basis is formed by the water environment with addition of droplets of oil ("water/oil"), and cream where on the contrary, droplets of water are in the oil environment ("oil/water"). Cream on the basis of water will actively moisturize the skin while means on an oily base will protect it from irritation and will effectively soften.

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