How to feed the child bottle-fed baby

How to feed the child bottle-fed baby

Expression ""is well-known absorbed with mother's milk"", but what to do if mother does not have this milk? The main thing is not to panic, there passed long ago times when the lack of breast milk demanded search of the wet nurse from mom or receiving milk in children's dairy kitchen. And here when feeding the child bottle-fed baby it is necessary to follow some rules.


1. Pay attention that food of the child bottle-fed baby significantly differs from the child raised in the natural way. And if babies need to give food when they have a requirement, then for children - bottle-fed babies it is accepted to observe a certain diet. So the newborn needs to be fed each 3 hours in the afternoon and each 6 hours at night. On reaching the baby of age of 4-5 months begin to enter a feeding up and to increase time intervals between hours of feeding.

2. Keep in mind that during the first spirit of weeks of life the amount of necessary mix for food has to be calculated by a special formula according to which are multiplied numerical index 70 if the child weighs 3200 g and 80 if the child is more than stated higher than the weight, on the number of the lived days of the newborn. Pediatricians consider that since the birth and to two-month age the child has to receive standard daily rate of food, equal 1/5 parts of body weight, that is about 600 ml of nutritious mix. In process of growing of the kid each two months this norm increases by 100 ml. And it is important to remember that such products as tea, water or juice, do not join in the volume of food.

3. Be ready that you, perhaps, will choose not at once the mix which was pleasant to him for the kid. In this regard within seven weeks of the use of a new product trace how behaves and feels. Within 5 days the kid can have allergic reactions, vomiting, a diarrhea or on the contrary – a lock, it is absolutely normal because there is an adaptation of an organism to new food. If after a week the dangerous symptoms do not stop, then it is necessary to replace mix. But be careful, passing to other mix; prepare it thus: spoon of old mix and spoon of new. This way is softest for transition to new food.

4. Observe the recommendations of the pediatrician concerning food of your kid. So before entering new mix into a food allowance of the child, surely trace and write down those problems which already exist at the child. It will significantly facilitate to you process of introduction of a new product to a food allowance.

5. If babies receive all necessary with mother's milk, then children bottle-fed babies need to give water as required.

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