How to distinguish ammonia

How to distinguish ammonia

Ammonia and especially its saturated solution can constitute considerable danger to human health though at the same time it is rather widely used in the industry and various industries of human economy. Therefore it is important to know by what signs it is possible to determine this substance to exclude any possibility of accidents and production injuries.


1. Put the container with liquid which can be ammonia solution, on some distance before yourself so that it was as it is possible closer to your person. Ammonia is colourless therefore its solution can seem ordinary water - do not try to draw conclusions, proceeding from its color. It is possible to recognize required substance by other signs which at it are expressed much stronger.

2. Try to feel a substance smell, without forgetting about how you need to inhale fumes of unknown of chemical compounds. For this purpose, without holding the head directly over liquid, and having slightly discharged capacity of itself, quickly wave over it. Thereby you will direct ammonia vapors towards the airways, however at such distance they will manage to mix up enough with oxygen and to lose concentration, dangerous to your health.

3. Estimate a smell of that substance which you take for ammonia - if it rather sharp and from it intercepts breath, so most likely, you were not mistaken. The effect which renders ammonia on inhaling it is well-known thanks to liquid ammonia, that is water solution of the same ammonia. It is allowed to smell at loss of consciousness or a faint if it is necessary to revive the person - concentration of ammoniac solution at the same time absolutely low.

4. Invite still somebody and repeat experiment finally to make sure that you deal with ammonia. At the same time take the same precautionary measures, as during the first experiment - it is impossible to inhale the concentrated fumes of ammonia. If your partner has the same feelings, as you, means it is already possible to answer a question of the chemical nature of liquid in the affirmative - before you ammonia, alkali from nitrogen and hydrogen.

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