How to emphasize a circumstance

How to emphasize a circumstance

At syntactic analysis of the offer the different sentence parts are noted by different types of underlining. These are standard ways of underlining which are accepted in Russian.


1. Before revealing secondary parts of the sentence (circumstance, addition, definition), find out where in the offer subject and a predicate. The subject is emphasized with one line, a predicate - two.

2. The circumstance designates sign of action or other sign. The circumstance occurs in offers very often as can characterize both time, and the place, and an image of action. Besides, there are circumstances of the reason, the purpose, degree, a concession, a condition.

3. The circumstance can be expressed by different parts of speech: noun adverb, adverbial participle or verbal adverb phrase, set phrase.

4. Irrespective of a type of a circumstance and from a part of speech to which it is expressed this sentence part is emphasized with the alternating points and a dash.

5. If the circumstance is expressed not in a word, and the whole turn, it is necessary to emphasize all turn, without gaps between words.

6. When underlining a circumstance you watch that points remained points, but did not turn because of boldness of handwriting into small hyphens, otherwise the checking teacher can regard such underlining as addition which is emphasized several dashes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team