How to grow up salt

How to grow up salt

One of types of hand-made articles of natural materials are the salt crystals which are grown up in house conditions. Besides, interests many whether it is possible to grow up salt independently to eat it. But in fact it is possible to grow up a beautiful crystal only in the decorative purposes, for this purpose you will use that salt which you buy in shop.

It is required to you

  • Water, capacity in which it is possible to heat water, sodium chloride, a small firm subject, a plate on which it is possible to heat water, thread, vaseline.


1. Prepare saturated solution of chloride of sodium (table salt).

2. Put the container with solution on fire and heat it to high temperature, without allowing boiling.

3. When water already rather hot, it is necessary to lower fire and again to fill up salts. Stirring slowly with solution, fill up salt until it does not cease to be dissolved.

4. Take thread and fix on it a small firm subject, for example, a bead, beads or a small nut. All thread above our small subject needs to be processed vaseline. Lower a thread with this subject in saturated salt solution. Solution has to cover completely cargo (a small subject on a thread), but cargo should not concern a bottom.

5. Keep cargo in solution at least several days. If crystals stopped growth too early, then it is necessary to remove vaseline from thread about a crystal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team