How to install the weight switch

How to install the weight switch

If you are afraid of the fact that your car can light up from short circuit in an electrical wiring or you want to make secure against stealing – installation of the weights switch will be for you the best decision. The principle of action consists in blackout of the car.

It is required to you

  • - weights switch;
  • - wires with a section of 35 mm;
  • - blooming sockets under wires;
  • - sealing elastic band from a "zubilny" mirror;
  • - gun with thermoglue;
  • - lead blooming terminal of the accumulator.


1. Remove the minus terminal from the accumulator. Get rid of old conducting of "weight" and prepare in salon the imperceptible place for the switch. Make an opening about the accumulator to stretch a wire in inside of the car. Process edges of an opening anticorrosive structure for prevention of emergence of rust at them. Condense an opening with an elastic band for a mirror and miss through it wires. Fill in an opening with thermoglue and carefully insulate all connections of wires to avoid short circuits. Stretch wires on a body to the place necessary to you and make openings for fastenings of the switch. Reliably fix the switch.

2. In order that the autoradio tape recorder, the on-board computer and the alarm system continued to work for you, in addition connect the case to a negative conclusion of the battery bypassing the weights switch, via the low-current safety lock. This tension has to be enough for operation of the alarm system and the radio tape recorder. At inclusion of more powerful tension or short circuit in a wire, the safety lock will just burn down.

3. To provide with electricity a regular sound signal, the central castle and headlights, install additional relays which will shunt the weights switch on the response time of devices. If you have no sufficient skills for drawing up the complicated scheme of similar relays, you should consult with the auto electrician to avoid malfunctions. Also learn whether everything functions will remain at this scheme as it can be not calculated on it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team