How to make a wattled fence with own hands?

How to make a wattled fence with own hands?

The wattled fence can decorate any territory as it looks beautifully and originally. If to know some cunnings, then such protection can be built the hands. It is for this purpose important to understand as it is correct to make a wattled fence. It is possible to use different breeds of a tree, but the most widespread and available is the willow.

How to make a wattled fence with own hands?

For a start it is necessary to make collecting rods, cutting off one or two years' escapes. It is the best of all if the core has thickness of 15-40 mm. Branches have to bend and not have well damages. It is the best of all to bring together them in the early spring or in the fall. If branches need to be stored, then lower them for 5 min. in boiled water. Surely dry up the rods collected in the spring in the sun.

Before understanding how to make a wattled fence, we will consider the list of preparatory work. The collected and dried up rods, it is recommended to wet that they got the necessary level of flexibility. Put them in a trough and fill in with water. Rods need to be straightened and if necessary to remove shoots. That the fence turned out dense, make a framework, using stakes from dry needles. Hammer them into the earth approximately on 35 cm, at the same time the distance between stakes has to be at least 30 cm. It is below recommended to attach horizontal laths to provide additional durability.

How to make a wattled fence of a willow:

  1. Take the first rod and, having it vertically, begin to interweave it, moving a snake, that is you get a branch forward, back, for stakes.
  2. The second rod needs to be interwoven in the same way. Only if the first branch is located behind the first peg, then the second, has to be in front. As a result of two rods will densely squeeze stakes from two parties.
  3. Interweave the following rods in the same way, moving ahead gradually up to achievement of desirable height.
  4. When everything is finished, stakes can be removed, but to reach desirable fortress them it is possible to leave.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team