How to make the website?

How to make the website?

Of course, it is interesting to try out as the web designer and to somehow take and make the website most! At least simple and small – one-page.

However, happens and so that the website is required for work, and one-page because in the commercial relation such websites occupy an own niche and carry out the singular problems – and carry out them well.

How to make the website independently?

As usual, at first it is necessary to think well what you want from it? It is just such creative rush, desire to tell to the world of beauty of decorative rats sphinxes or the commercial project. Because in the latter case the creator of a product is faced not only by a problem as it is beautiful to make the one-page website, but also how to make the website really selling.

Surprisingly, but fact: on the one-page websites the largest volumes of sales are sometimes made, these websites draw attention with unusual design and special filling. So, how to make such miracle?

For example, if the freelancer wants to declare himself on the Internet, it needs a portfolio which can be issued in the form of an odnostranichnik: it is not banal and is convenient, it is possible to place both responses, and examples of the works, and contacts here.

Firms have websites business cards. In the form of odnostranichnik subscription pages are created.

How to make the website-odnostranichnik?

There are several ways.

  1. First, it is possible to use the elementary editor, simple or more professional, in HTML-language.
  2. Secondly, it is even simpler to make the website with assistance of any of a set of online services, their and free there is a lot of.
  3. Thirdly, on some commercial service.
  4. Fourthly, there are both paid, and free designers of the websites who will step by step prompt all process.

What it is necessary to pay attention to?

Of course, first of all, on the title. It has to "cling", be colourful and capture the page essence. What it is necessary to pay to the attention of the person who visited the website, has to be accurately structured, let us assume, in the form of the list. It is good when there is video – for example, the personal video message by the author of the website. It creates presence illusion, the personality, seclusion of the offer emphasizes.

There is no need to say that navigation even on an odnostranichnik has to be convenient and clear!

The text has to be a little if only not it makes the main meaning of the website. Everything has to serve one purpose (for example, to sell some service), it is better if motivation to action is expressed somehow graphically (arrow) and it is besides original and is not banal to draw attention.

How to make so that the website was found by searchers? Certainly, by means of the thought-over selection of keywords. And it is still quite good to pay attention to advance of the website. And then it can quite be used in any purposes: though communications and informing on the interests, though (that, of course, meets more often) for sale of goods or services.

To make an odnostranichnik not so difficult as it seems.

  1. First of all, it is necessary to study lessons of the first steps in creation of the website and also to get acquainted in more detail with what is the domain and a hosting.
  2. To learn the HTML language.
  3. To get acquainted with CSS as with its help many opportunities in the fastest creation of the website will appear.
  4. It is detailed to study bases of optimization and promotion of the website, to learn about ways of earnings.
  5. It is very important to learn a programming language which will allow not only to communicate with the user, but also to remember them. It is the RNR language.

In it there is nothing difficult, the main thing that was desire, then it is possible to cope with all difficulties.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team