How to receive blue color

How to receive blue color

The palette of blue colors is very various. From saturated and dark to azure. Blue color is often used by artists in creative works and depending on intensity symbolizes the sky, water, air. It is also used when paintings, for example, when coloring benches, facades of buildings or wall-paper under painting in the rooms focused in the southern directions. It is possible to leave it to choice of experts or to choose a paint shade on color samples of the catalog. This color can be received and independently.


1. Buy paint white color in shop on which sale there are paint and varnish products. It can be whitewash. If to add whitewash to various paints, then they create lighter shades of color.

2. Buy also blue paint and pour it in a pallet, or in other capacity.

3. Gradually add whitewash to paint and carefully stir slowly with a wooden stick. When color becomes uniform, estimate as far as it we meet your expectations of the required blue color.

4. If you were overzealous with addition of whitewash, then add blue, or it is possible to use black paint.

5. One more option to receive blue color addition of special dye is. Buy white paint and gradually, gradually add dye. Carefully stir paint that it was completely dissolved in it. Otherwise during the work as such mix you risk to receive heterogeneity of color of any given degree of expressiveness. Though for someone it can just be the desired effect.

6. In specialized shops of construction materials there is a department of production of paint of almost any shade. It is made by the special automatic car managed by the microprogram. You can find such department, for example, in OBI shops. Address service staff and will provide to you to choose a necessary shade. After payment of the order will make mixing for you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team